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Samsung Inverter refrigerator price in June, down to 7 million VND-Hi-tech Fashion

Right at the beginning of June, many Samsung Inverter refrigerators have in turn reduced prices, which is the right time for users to shop.

For large families, storing food in fridge for daily use is absolutely essential. Among refrigerator brands, Samsung is still quite a popular choice. The company has many products in different price segments, different capacities, beautiful designs. All Samsung refrigerator products have integrated advanced Inverter technology, helping to save more for users when used for a long time.

Samsung Inverter refrigerator price in June, down to 7 million VND - 1

Samsung refrigerator.

In the first half of this year, the Vietnamese market had many new mid-range refrigerators: Samsung Inverter Refrigerator 302 Liters RT29K503JB1/SV (price after discount: 9.99 million dong); Samsung Inverter 322 Liter Refrigerator RT32K503JB1/SV (the following price reduction is VND 10.59 million); Refrigerator Samsung Inverter 460 Liter RT46K603JB1/SV (after reduced price is 15.49 million VND).

Samsung Inverter refrigerator price in June, down to 7 million VND - 3

Samsung Inverter 302 Liter Refrigerator RT29K503JB1/SV.

The price and capacity above is suitable for families of 2-4 people. The products all have a traditional design with 2 wings, integrated with energy-saving technology, fast cooling and smart disinfection and deodorization with activated carbon filter Deodorizer.

In addition, many Samsung Inverter refrigerators are being heavily discounted at this time. If you choose inventory, you can buy it at a lower price.

Board Samsung refrigerator price June inverter:

Product’s nameCapacityList price (VND)Special price (VND)

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RT19M300BGS/SV

208 liters

6,890,000 VND

6,290,000 VND

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RT20HAR8DBU/SV

208 liters

7,890,000 VND

6,590,000 won

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RT22M4032BY/SV

236 liters

9,390,000 VND

7,690,000 won

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RT22M4032BU/SV

236 liters

9,590,000 VND

8,190,000 won

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RT25M4032BU/SV

256 liters

11,190,000 won

9,690,000 VND

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RT29K503JB1/SV

302 Liters

10,990,000 won

9,990,000 VND

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RB27N4010BU/SV

280 liters

12,590,000 VND

10,190,000 won

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RT32K503JB1/SV

322 Liters

11,590,000 VND

10,590,000 VND

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RB27N4170BU/SV

276 liters

13,590,000 VND

11,190,000 won

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RT29K5532BY/SV

299 liters

12,790,000 VND

11,690,000 VND

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RB27N4190BU/SV

276 liters

14,590,000 VND

12,190,000 won

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RB30N4010BU/SV

310 liters

16,090,000 VND

12,990,000 VND

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RT32K5932BU/SV

319 liters

15,190,000 won

13,090,000 VND

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RB30N4190BY/SV

307 liters

17,490,000 VND

14,490,000 VND

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RB30N4190BU/SV

307 liters

17,790,000 VND

14,790,000 VND

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RT35K5982BS/SV

360 liters

19,590,000 VND

15,390,000 VND

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RT46K603JB1/SV

460 Liters

16,990,000 VND

15,490,000 VND

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RT35K50822C/SV

360 liters

19,490,000 won

15,940,000 won

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RT38K5982BS/SV

380 liters

20,090,000 VND

16,390,000 VND

Samsung Inverter refrigerator RS62R5001M9/SV

655 liters

22,900,000 won

19,900,000 won

Samsung Inverter refrigerator RF48A4000B4/SV

488 liters

23,990,000 VND

21,290,000 won

Samsung Inverter refrigerator RS62R5001B4/SV

655 liters

24,900,000 won

21,900,000 won

Samsung Inverter refrigerator RZ32T744535/SV

323 liters

26,900,000 won

24,900,000 won

Samsung Inverter refrigerator RF48A4010B4/SV

488 liters

27,990,000 VND

25,190,000 won

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator RB33T307055/SV

339 liters

32,900,000 won

29,000,000 VND

Samsung Inverter refrigerator RS64R5301B4/SV

635 liters

39.900.000 VND

36,900,000 won

Samsung Inverter refrigerator RS64R53012C/SV

635 liters

44,900,000 won

37.900.000 VND

Family Hub refrigerator Samsung Inverter RS64T5F01B4/SV

616 liters

58,900,000 VND

51,900,000 won

Combo 2 Samsung Refrigerator RZ32T744535/SV

646 liters

53,800,000 VND

Combo Samsung Refrigerator RZ32T744535/SV & RB33T307029/SV

662 liters

59,800,000 VND


Combo 2 Refrigerator Samsung RB33T307029/SV

678 liters

65.800.000 VND


Samsung Inverter refrigerator RF60A91R177/SV

599 liters

82,900,000 won

77,400,000 VND

*Note: The price list was updated on 6/6.

The “-” character means no discount.

According to Tran Vy (Vietnamese people)

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