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Seeing that his son-in-law is doing well, his father-in-law constantly pressured him to give money and pay unreasonable amounts

I got married quite late, it wasn’t until I was 32 years old that I got married. Up to now, my 10 year complete marriage is quite satisfied with two children, the eldest is 9 years old, the youngest is 5 years old. We have a spacious and beautiful house in the center of the new district, which was built 2 years ago by my husband and I, and a billion-dollar car.

I started out as a worker, always trying to improve my skills. At that time, I met my wife now, both of them loved each other but suffered many ups and downs and struggled to get together because my wife’s family criticized me for being just a worker, a difficult family…

When I have a family, especially with small children, I also worry a lot about my future life. Although the salary is high and the bonus is high, it is not enough for me to get out of poverty. Thinking of doing it, I boldly resigned from the company, despite the company’s leaders trying to keep it, promising a higher salary increase… From a small capital, I opened a shop selling all kinds of machinery and electronic equipment. about the field in which I have skills and expertise.

With a little capital, I boldly do business with successful friends, so that when I contribute capital to buy land and buy a house after a while, I will be profitable. At that time, it was common to import goods that were in great demand in the market. Thanks to that, life is getting better and better after years of hard work.

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Within 7 years of my marriage, I had a big house in the district town, a car, comfortable money, my children went to famous schools with high tuition fees… This was also the time when I had many troubles, The conflict with his wife and his wife’s family is growing bigger and bigger.

My wife is stingy with her husband, but generous with her grandmother. She spends money on her parents, siblings to help them build and repair houses and even spend money on lavish parties at fancy restaurants. I can’t help but feel sorry when my money is sometimes under a lot of pressure but is being used squanderingly.

When he went to his wife’s house, when there were many people, he told me that my father-in-law brought me to teach, then said that I was the beneficiary, thanks to the wife’s family, thanks to the blessing of the wife’s family, I got today. If you marry someone else, you will forever be a worker who no one wants to marry. My father-in-law is constantly excited to “draw” large sums of money for me to take care of such as building houses, repairing graves, buying equipment for the house, traveling…

The culmination was a week ago, my father-in-law was “excited” to redo the gate, he liked the most in the area, planned to choose a set of iron doors of 300 million dong, not to mention building a stone wall. million more, forcing me to take care of it. I saw that the house was small, making such a large gate was not suitable, so I immediately commented. So my father-in-law got angry, scolded my wife and me, and even demanded to face me.

Since that day, my wife and I have quarreled often because of this. My wife yelled at me that I was a bad son-in-law, only knowing how to cover up for my family. I also felt depressed, so I raised my voice to my wife. I have enough money to build a gate for my father-in-law, but I think that if I finish it, my father-in-law will think of something else to force me to do.

I also intend to let my wife do whatever she wants. But I could not satisfy the unreasonable wishes of my wife’s family. What should I do so that my wife’s family doesn’t pressurize me anymore, appreciate the money I work hard for? Give me advice!


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