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Sharing a house with children, but who lives that life?

The baby is the only concern of the two (Artwork)
The baby is the only concern of the two (Artwork)

They have been separated for a long time but still live in the same house because they still have children together. Both of them took each other to court, but in the end she withdrew the application because of his persuasion, thinking about her daughter.

She is only in second grade, if her parents break up, her daughter will live with her sister. But thinking far and near, thinking about benefit and harm, she finally accepted his agreement. Living in the same house, but who has his own life, only talks about issues related to children.

Such a life, I think neither you nor your sister can be happy. But parents accept for their children, also a sacrifice of parents. Her parents loved their daughter, and advised her that if the couple couldn’t live together anymore, they should divorce so that they still have a chance to find happiness for themselves.

You are still young, there may still be a chance to go one step further. His parents also love their son, but he said whoever comes after is not the biological mother of his child, the stepmother’s love is not easy to expect to be complete.

After that, the families on both sides no longer interfere. It’s up to you two to decide for yourself. But separated life is not easy and smooth. She was sad, what was not satisfactory about him and his paternal family were all told to him. Sometimes she even spoke ill of her father in front of her little daughter. Once I listened to her confide while she was still sitting next to me, I softly reminded her, that she should speak softly, or let her run away and then talk. She said: “It’s childish, you know what!”.

This sentence, I have heard many adults say. And I’m surprised that until now, there are still many people who think so. I am very afraid of saying unpleasant things in front of children. Regardless of whether it is a child I know or a stranger. Because I always think, children know everything and they always remember things that adults have said.

The things she said were not good about her paternal family, her husband, her job, or even how she got drunk and lost her wallet, then her friends took her home. It was my daughter who told her father, not anyone else. She was still at an innocent age, she should be smiling like us, but her face was very sad. I love such children, the sadness of a child accumulated for a long time, not expressed in the way of adults but everything shows on the baby’s face.

innocent children,
Children are innocent but they pay attention to what adults say to each other.

“It’s childish, you know what!”. I also heard this saying from a clothes seller when taking his grandson shopping. At home, her mother always asks her child about his hobbies, what he likes to eat, what to wear, what program to watch. I don’t force you to do what you don’t want.

Witnessing that I patiently asked him if he liked the pink or yellow shirt, long-sleeve or short-sleeve, the salesman was annoyed: “He’s a child, he can wear whatever he wants, but children know what to ask”.

It’s such a small thing, but after listening to the two aunt and son, I am no longer inspired to choose. I smiled and said sorry for not finding the right clothes for him, promised to come back. After shopping, while drinking water, my nephew said: “I didn’t like you earlier. Why didn’t she let me choose clothes?”.

She’s just in first grade. Staying with her aunt had a day when she told a lot of stories about her parents, grandparents. Fortunately, my siblings’ family is happy and joyful, and grandparents are also tolerant and loving. If something bad happens in the house, will it be that I/or anyone who talks to her for a while will know everything.

The way many adults think of children now reminds me of when I was a kid too. Wherever I go with adults, I hear their stories. There are a lot of people who don’t mind the presence of a child so they feel free to talk to each other. Good things do not say anything, but bad things are heard by children, even unintentionally, they easily remember and think.

When parents are happy, their children’s faces are also cheerful and innocent. If the parents’ rice is not healthy, the soup is not sweet, the family atmosphere is also imprinted on the children’s faces and eyes.

An adult’s sadness is still an adult’s, so they should be kept and resolved together. Every time I think of the inherently sad face of your separated sister’s daughter, I feel very sad. There is still a long way from now to adulthood, how do you have to go through that journey while living in the inconsolable sadness of adults?

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