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Stabbed to death for… urinating

On June 6, the police of Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh City are taking the testimony of Phan Ngoc Le (SN 1966, living in Tan Binh) to investigate and handle the act of “murder”.

According to initial information, on the afternoon of June 5, Ms. Le’s house (in the alley on Bui The My Street, Ward 10, Tan Binh District) held a funeral. At this time, the NTS (SN 1992, living in Tan Binh) went into the alley to urinate and was angry and complained by people who were eating the death anniversary.

S got into a fight with these people and then left. After a while, S dragged a few more people to the funeral, causing a fight. S and his companions used cups and chairs at the anniversary celebration to throw at people here, causing a commotion in the alley.

Angered by S’s disturbance, during the fight, Mrs. Le took a fruit knife and stabbed S in the alley. S was taken to the emergency room but did not survive.

The Tan Binh district police were present to examine the scene and brought Ms. Le to the headquarters for clarification. Here, Ms. Le said that she was angry because S was disruptive, so she caused the above incident.

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