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    Live football U23 Vietnam 1-1 U23 Korea: Tien Long's super product - 1

    U23 Vietnam had a commendable draw.


    Hai Long missed the opportunity with a shot that failed to beat the Korean U23 goalkeeper. U23 Vietnam has lost the opportunity to have a historic victory.

  • The match has 5 minutes of extra time.

  • U23 Vietnam is persistently putting pressure on U23 Korea in the last minutes of the match.


    Tuan Tai stretched from the dangerous left wing for Tien Long to finish with the outside of his right foot and hit the Korean U23 net, bringing the match back to the starting line.

  • Red card for Lee Jin Yong after a foul on Van Tung. This is the second yellow card of the Korean U23 player, when he had to receive a yellow card in the first half.


    Quang Nho’s free kick could not get the ball over the fence. U23 Vietnam is increasing the pressure.

  • U23 Vietnam made a substitution. Quang Nho and Dinh Lam entered the field to replace Van Khang and Van Truong. Thus, U23 Vietnam has changed up to 4/5 midfielders from the beginning of the match.

  • Korea U23 is overflowing to put pressure. Coach Hwang Sun Hong’s team is not satisfied with the 1 goal difference.

  • U23 Vietnam made a substitution. Van Do left the field to make room for Cong To. Striker Van Tung was also introduced to the field to replace Hoang Anh. U23 Vietnam will play with a 4-4-2 formation.


    Cho Young Wook took advantage of the gap in Vietnam’s U23 defense to launch a dangerous footprint shot, making goalkeeper Van Chuan unable to save.


    Van Chuan caught the ball after Oh Se Hun’s left foot shot. Striker wearing the number 9 shirt is playing for Shimizu S-Pulse club and is considered the best striker of U23 Korea at the moment.

    Live football U23 Vietnam 1-1 U23 Korea: Tien Long's super product - 2

    Van Chuan is playing well.

  • Korea U23 is holding the ball to 74%, completely controlling the game. However, U23 Vietnam still defended very actively with the majority in the home field.

  • U23 Vietnam needs to properly distribute energy to avoid being exhausted at the end of the game like on the opening day. U23 Korea will wait for the short of breath of the red shirt team to accelerate and finish. Actively keeping the tempo of the match at a moderate level is a reasonable tactic of U23 Vietnam.

  • U23 Korea adjusted personnel. Oh Se-Hun and Cho Young-Wook came on to replace Jeong Sang-Bin and Eom Ji-Sung.

  • END OF TIME 1: VIETNAM U23 0-0 KOREA U23 U23

    Live football U23 Vietnam 1-1 U23 Korea: Tien Long's super product - 3

    U23 Vietnam struggled hard.


    Receiving the ball back from his teammates, Eom Jin Sung finished the second line very dangerously into the right corner, but goalkeeper Van Chuan poured spectacularly to deny the goal of Korea U23.


    Tien Long moved wisely behind the Korean U23 defense and ended up sending the ball wide of the goal. The first dangerous opportunity of the red shirt team from the beginning of the match.

    The finishing rate of U23 Korea – U23 Vietnam from the beginning of the match is 8-2.

  • Yellow card to Lee Jin Young for a dangerous tackle on Hoang Anh. The player wearing the number 22 shirt received two very hot tackles from the Korean U23 side from the beginning of the match.


    Jeong Sang Bin moved wisely into the position left by Tien Long and then finished with one touch. The ball misses the post.

    The score is still 0-0.


    Thanh Binh continued to be present at the right time in the defensive hot spot to block the header of the Korean U23 midfielder. Players on the payroll Viettel Club playing firmly and confidently.

    Live football U23 Vietnam 1-1 U23 Korea: Tien Long's super product - 4

    AFC U23 ASIAN CUP 2022 – Match (15).jpg

  • Korea U23 completely controlled the game with 74% of the time controlling the ball. U23 Vietnam is retreating very deep in the home field to support.

    Goalkeeper Van Chuan is lying in the yard after a collision with a Korean U23 player.


    Goalkeeper Van Chuan has just dumped a saver before the Korean U23 striker’s close-range kick. U23 Vietnam’s defense is playing with a lack of concentration when constantly revealing space for the opponent to exploit, when Viet Anh breaks the slide, so that the opponent can comfortably finish.

    Great pressure of U23 Korea from the beginning of the match.


    Van Khang’s shot sent the ball inaccurately. U23 Vietnam has not created any offensive situation since the beginning of the match.


    Eom Jin Sung escaped dangerously on the left wing and then stretched for Jeong Sang Bin to head close the wall, the ball went over the bar.


    Duy Cuong lost the ball in a dangerous position, creating an opportunity for Park Jeong In to drop down to face goalkeeper Van Chuan. However, Thanh Binh rolled the ball to the rescue narrowly.

  • U23 Vietnam is putting pressure on the ball deployment phase from the home field of U23 Korea, making the opponent unable to deploy the ball coherently in the past few minutes.


    Viet Anh just saved the ball to stop Kim Tae Hwan’s shot. U23 Korea is overflowing to play pre-emptive attack.


    Live football U23 Vietnam 1-1 U23 Korea: Tien Long's super product - 5

    Vietnam U23 squad.

  • Live football U23 Vietnam vs U23 Korea from 8 pm

    Force situation

    U23 Vietnam: Danh Trung and Van Toan were absent due to injury.

    South Korea U23: Has the strongest force.

    Probable teams

    U23 Vietnam: Van Chuan, Tuan Tai, Thanh Binh, Viet Anh, Tien Long; Duy Cuong, Van Truong, Hoang Anh, Minh Binh, Van Do, Manh Dung.

    South Korea U23: Gol Dong Min; Lee Kyu Hyuk, Kim Ju Sung, Lee Sang Min, Kim Tae Hwan; Kwon Hyuk Gyu, Lee Kang-in, Hong Hyun Seok, Eom Jin Sung, Jeong Sang Bin; Park Jeongin.

    Live football U23 Vietnam 1-1 U23 Korea: Tien Long's super product - 6

    U23 Vietnam continues to search for scores in the finals U23 Asia 2022.

    Impressive numbers

    – U23 Vietnam has a series of 7 unbeaten matches since the 31st SEA Games until now, with 5 wins and 2 draws.

    – Korea U23 is on a 4-match winning streak under coach Hwang Sun-hong.

    – Korea U23 is having a series of 7 consecutive matches with 3 or more goals since Tokyo Olympics 2020 So far, scoring a total of 31 goals, an average of 4.4 goals/match.

    – U23 Vietnam and U23 Korea only met once in the U23 Asian Finals, where U23 Vietnam lost to the opponent with a score of 1-2 (in 2018).

    Guess: 1-1

  • Coach Gong Oh-kyun has announced 11 names selected for the main kick in the match U23 Vietnam vs U23 Korea at 8 pm tonight 5/6.

    In the wooden frame, goalkeeper Quan Van Chuan was chosen to start. Van Chuan played stably in the previous match against Thailand U23 when he came on to the field to replace Nguyen Van Toan – the goalkeeper suffered a finger injury due to incorrect technique. This is only Van Chuan’s second match in the AFC U23 Championship. Challenge for the keeper of Hanoi FC is Korea U23.

    Live football U23 Vietnam 1-1 U23 Korea: Tien Long's super product - 7

    Vietnam U23 squad.

    The 5 defenders selected include Phan Tuan Tai, Bui Hoang Viet Anh, Nguyen Thanh Binh, Luong Duy Cuong and Vu Tien Long. In particular, the return of Thanh Binh is expected to help Vietnam U23 strengthen the defense.

    The center-back in 2001 was absent from the previous match due to physical problems. Thanh Binh’s experience in the club’s shirt and 3 matches in the national team helps U23 Vietnam’s defense have more steel under the pressure of Korea U23.

    In the midfield, 4 midfielders trusted by coach Gong Oh-kyun are Ly Cong Hoang Anh, Nguyen Van Truong, Khuat Van Khang and Le Van Do. Hoang Anh returned after sitting on the bench in the previous match to replace Le Minh Binh’s position.

    On the offensive line, the center position belongs to Nham Manh Dung. After the match against Thailand U23 was ranked as a central defender, Manh Dung will return to his forte position in this match.

    U23 Vietnam has never won U23 Korea in the framework of qualifying and final round of U23 Asia (lost 2 matches played with a score of 1-2). Coach Gong Oh-kyun’s teachers and students need at least one draw to ensure they do not fall behind in the race to win tickets to the group stage.

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