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Thadina Care – a pharmacy specializing in dermatology combined with a skin and hair care center

With the desire to provide specialized solutions in dermatology, Thadina Care – a model of a pharmacy specializing in dermatology combining a skin and hair care center was born.

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A pharmacy specializing in dermatology combined with a skin and hair care center

It can be seen that the care of skin problems is increasingly interested, many beauty care facilities and pharmaceutical and cosmetic brands were born with the desire to meet the needs of consumers. In the strong development trend of the dermatology industry, customers’ demand for searching and using products focused on post-treatment care is huge.

However, in the current context, traditional pharmacies – drugstores only focus on medicines and functional foods. Meanwhile, the lines of intensive skin care products after treatment are quite scarce. This makes it difficult to find the right and enough medication for patients with dermatological problems.

Grasping market needs through thorough exploration and research, Thadina Care was born with the mission of becoming a dermatological specialty pharmacy, combining a skin and hair care center to provide intensive care for various diseases. People with dermatological problems.

Thadina Care offers a full line of products used during treatment. These are genuine, reputable cosmetic lines with clear origins. All products are proven to be effective, safe and recommended by dermatologists around the world. Customers will be publicly informed about the selling price, and will be consulted carefully about the drugs and cosmetics used during the treatment.

In addition, Thadina Care combines a skin and hair care center to provide services such as 9K dandruff shampoo, skin restoration services due to mixing cream, alcohol, chemically damaged skin, and shampoo. herbal hair growth promoter, detox to clean dandruff fungus … Especially, customers can also experience free trial of famous cosmetics in the world right at the pharmacy.

“With a luxurious and spacious space and a team of highly qualified personnel, Thadina Care promises to bring customers a completely new experience” emphasized the representative of Thadina Care.

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Thadina Care – Elevating medical-standard beauty knowledge to everyone

Not only providing a full range of products and best quality services to satisfy customers’ needs in terms of skin care, a representative of Thadina Care said: “Thadina Care aims to bring knowledge through the standards. faculty to every home, bringing a great experience to customers. To do that, a team of highly skilled and experienced pharmacists, combined with quality and complete products, etc. is identified as the top factor.”

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Customers who come to Thadina Care center will be consulted with the most accurate and complete information about their medical condition, guided to use drugs and cosmetics properly during the treatment process.

In addition, in order to improve service quality, Thadina Care center is constantly researching and improving methods to optimize costs, helping customers receive treatment with effective methods.

Web: https://thadinacare.com/

Free consultation pharmacist: 07777.17.88.99

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