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Thailand hunts spy network in Southeast Asia

Thailand hunts spy networks in Southeast Asia - Photo 1.

Thai police in Bangkok – Photo: AFP

June 6, newspaper Bangkok Post Citing a source, Thai police chief Suwat Jangyodsuk has issued instructions to the special investigation agency of the RTP, the Central Bureau of Investigation, the Bangkok Metropolitan Police Agency and police in nine provinces of Thailand to raise the alarm. act and gather intelligence on spies’ activities.

Police are required to monitor the activities of Iranian citizens and some suspected Thai Muslims spy.

Mr. Suwat’s instructions refer to the case that the Indonesian government on May 24 discovered a man named Ghasse Saberi Gilchalan carrying a fake Bulgarian passport. This person was arrested on May 27 at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport as he was about to flee to Qatar.

Indonesian police identified Gilchalan as an Iranian citizen who entered the country a total of 10 times with fake documents. This man was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

“Defendant Ghassem Saberi Gilchalan is not a Bulgarian citizen and in order to obtain a Bulgarian passport, he bought it from an Iranian named Br. Sayad,” CNN quoted the Indonesian judge as saying.

According to information from Thai police, Indonesian police also discovered Gilchalan had 11 phones, 1 tablet, multiple phone SIMs and cash worth about 9,300 USD. In the above phones are the names of some Thai citizens who are Muslim.

Spies in many countries

Indonesian authorities believe Gilchalan is a spy. This person has confessed to Indonesian police that a former Iranian diplomat in Malaysia assigned some reconnaissance missions in Malaysia and Indonesia.

One of these tasks included lobbying the Indonesian authorities to release the Iranian-flagged tanker MT Horse that was seized in January 2021. Gilchalan also set up a front company in Bali, Indonesia, to cover up the activities.

“The debunking of Gilchalan has caused quite a stir in several countries that are concerned about Iranian spies and covert activities. This is seen as a national security threat. Such activities may also be under attack. taking place in Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand”, a source of Bangkok Post identify.

Gilchalan and the former Iranian diplomat who directed him had been to Thailand several times and met several Thai Shi’ite Muslims with close ties to Iran.

“Therefore, it is possible that spies from Iran are engaging in covert operations using fake passports and some Thai nationals are suspected of spying in exchange for financial and other support,” the source said. Thailand added.

The incident caused concern to Thailand as it prepared to welcome world leaders to the APEC Summit in November 2022.

The top priority of the government is to ensure security to prevent the risk of violence like the explosion in Bangkok 2012. In the incident, Thailand arrested three Iranians involved.

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