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The beach is crowded with tourists and the wild boar “boars” causing tourists to run away

Aggressive wild boar “boars” El Albir beach, Spain. (Video: Daily Mail)

Wild boar harasses tourists at the beach, injuring one tourist

Costa Blanca is 200m long, is a coastal line of the Mediterranean Sea in the province of Alicante in southeastern Spain. The name Costa Blanca, meaning “White Coast”, was given to this spectacular coastal region in the 1950s, to further promote the area’s thriving tourism industry and popular tourist destination. Great Britain and Germany.

Wild boar

The wild boar incident happened on the morning of June 3 at El Albir beach near the town of Benidorm in the north of Costa Blanca. (Photo: FB)

The aggressive wild boar is believed to have come from the nearby Serra Gelada Natural Park. The wild boar was discovered from the sea by boating groups, who tried to capture it but failed.

The boating group alerted emergency responders at just after 11 a.m. on June 3, after the wild boar rushed to the beach causing a “riot” when a large number of tourists were sunbathing on the beach, under the water. 30 degrees Celsius hot sun, there are also bars and cafes that are also crowded.

Wild boar

On the way, the wild boar bit the leg of a female tourist (identity and nationality unknown). The injured person was quickly taken to a local medical center for treatment. (Photo: DM)

Tourist Xavier Bosch, a resident of Barcelona, ​​said he was also bitten by a wild boar when he and his family went to watch the meteor shower near Barcelona’s Tibidado amusement park.

Wild boar “boars”, “annoys” naked tourists at the beach

According to the latest estimates, the number of wild boars across mainland Europe has now surpassed 10 million. Male wild boars are thought to be carriers of many diseases. During the Covid-19 era, more and more wild boars left their natural habitat in the countryside, roaming cities in search of food in landfills.

Wild boars

Wild boars swim up from the Baltic Sea, “buzzing” the beach at the town of Brodersby in the northernmost German state of Schleswig-Holstein in August 2020. (Photo: AP)

Regarding the wild boar incident on El Albir beach on the morning of June 3, officials from the nearby city of Dénia announced that they had contacted and were negotiating with the Alicante Provincial Hunting Federation, to send archers. professionally engaged in efforts to prevent wild boars from wreaking havoc.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of wild boars roaming the city at night, destroying farmers’ crops, causing traffic accidents, “rioting” golf courses and sometimes attacking people. Because the use of guns is prohibited, the use of bows and arrows to scare away wild boars is chosen instead, to ensure the safety of people and tourists.

Wild boars

Despite being nude sunbathing, tourists still chase wild boar and get back their laptops, in the presence of dozens of other tourists. The incident happened in August 2020 at the Teufelssee glacial lake in Berlin, Germany. (Photo: FB/Adele Landauer)

The appearance and cause of riots of wild boar is increasing day by day. In August, a video posted on Facebook showed a scene of wild boar swimming up from the Baltic Sea, “buzzing” the beach in the town of Brodersby in the northernmost German state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Just before that, a tourist was nude sunbathing by the Teufelssee glacial lake in the Grunewald forest in Berlin, when a wild boar suddenly appeared. Perhaps mistaking this naked tourist’s yellow laptop bag for food, the wild boar robbed it and ran away…

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