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The dream of having a home is too far away

I am 31 years old, have a beautiful wife and son, the couple’s income after deducting all expenses is eight to 10 million dong.

I always keep watch in my heart, I don’t know when I can buy a house. The couple is living in a rented house. Both sides of the family are difficult so we can’t ask for anything, my wife and I discussed a lot but we were also stuck.

Looking at someone who has a house and a car, I admire and dream a lot. Sometimes we find all kinds of ways to do business but nothing works, not to mention we are having to “plow” to repay the debt due to starting a business from scratch, having to take out a loan.

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At this rate, it will take a long time for the couple to have a home, if not impossible. I am looking for a way to increase my income but can’t compete with the rapidly increasing house and land prices. Expensive, high prices. This is a very difficult problem, what to do? Looking forward to your advice.


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