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The group of ‘enthusiastic uncles’ causes a fever in Japan’s TikTok

The dance of 4 men wearing shirts, ties, and colorful scarves around their stomachs attracted more than 16 million views on TikTok.

The group of four men named the group “ojiqun”, a slang combination of “ojisan” (uncle) and “kyun” (enthusiastic). They wear business clothes, western shoes, wrap blue, green, yellow and red scarves around their stomachs, keeping tense expressions as they perform clumsy dance moves.

The group of 'suffering uncles' causes Japanese TikTok fever

The dances of the ojiqun group on TikTok. Video: AFP.

Videos shot at various locations, from playgrounds to churches to administrative buildings, have garnered more than 16 million views since they first appeared on TikTok in February.

“We wanted to create something that revives an aging rural community where the population is dwindling and children are getting fewer and fewer,” said Takumi Shirase, 52, who runs an IT company and a company. gardening company, said June 6.

He and three friends formed an ojiqun group in hopes of revitalizing the rural town of Wake in Okayama Prefecture, western Japan. Wake has a population of 14,000, and the primary school where Shirase used to attend has closed due to lack of students. A local shopping center has also disappeared, and many annual festivals are no longer held in town.

“With more than 34,000 followers on TikTok, we hope to encourage people to come to Wake, whether traveling or living,” he said.

The group’s latest video, titled “centipede dance,” shows four men walking in a goofy style in front of a concrete building that says “Happy House”. Fans dropped countless hearts into the video, saying the dance was amazing and adorable.

“I laugh all the time,” said one. “For the first time in a long time, I feel at peace when I smile,” said another.

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