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The harem is crowded but Qianlong only deeply loves these women

The harem is crowded, but Qian Long only deeply loves these women - Photo 1.

Qian Long is famous for being a love-loving king. Photo: Sohu

Phu Sat Queen (Hieu Hien Thuan Queen)

According to the recorded history, Empress Phu Sat, also known as Queen Hieu Hien Thuan, later came from a very illustrious background, with the Phu Sat family in Sa Te of Manchuria Tuong Hoang Ky. Because of her family background, from the age of 16, she was selected by King Ung Chinh and became the wife appointed to marry the Four Emperors Hoang Lich – Emperor Qian Long of the Great Qing Dynasty.

As a gentle, virtuous person, her character is extremely dignified, simple, and most of all, during the years of receiving the position of a mother, she always fulfilled her responsibilities. Not only is she talented in taking care of the harem, she is also a gentle and kind-hearted woman with other concubines in the palace. Because of this, despite being famous for love and countless beauties, Qian Long always gave her a special love, a respectful position in the king’s heart.

Unfortunately, this Empress did not have the “blessed” to enjoy the long-term grace of Emperor Dai Thanh. She gave birth to the king 2 princes, but both died at an early age. Because of her severe illness, the gentle Queen was no longer healthy enough to continue living in this world. She died when she was only 37 years old. The departure of the queen made Qian Long mourn incessantly. In addition to giving her a postcard, the king also held a memorial ceremony that became an anecdote in the history of the Dai Qing dynasty.

Cao Quy Phi (Tue Hien Hoang Quy Phi)

In the film, Cao Quy Phi is considered the most hated concubine in the harem when relying on grace and position to create many waves among the beauties. She did not consider anyone because of her noble background, even the Qianlong king was shy. And in the king’s heart, she received little favor compared to many other concubines.

However, in the history of the Qing dynasty recorded, Cao Quy Phi was considered as one of the concubines loved by Emperor Qian Long. Coming from the Manchu lineage of Tuong Hoang Ky, a prestigious class of robes, she was appointed to become the successor of the four princes of Hoang Lich and after ascending the throne, Qian Long ordained her to become Cao Quy Phi. .

In the 10th year of Qianlong (1745), while seriously ill, she was ordained as Hoang Quy Phi by the Qianlong king, but after only 2 days of succession, she also died and was conferred Tue Hien Hoang Quy Phi by the king.

Nhan Phi (Queen’s Successor)

Nhan Phi’s real name is Ola Na Lap Thi, is the daughter of Colonel Nar Bo of noble lineage. Initially, she was appointed to become the Trac Phuc of the four princes Hoang Lich. When she ascended the throne, King Qian Long appointed her to become Nhan Phi. And the life of this concubine later was the step towards the highest position in the harem of the Dai Qing dynasty.

According to recorded history, Nhan Phi gradually became Nhan Quy Phi after Cao Quy Phi’s death and was second only to Queen Phu Sat. When the first Empress of Emperor Qianlong passed away, with the favor and love of Emperor Qianlong, she officially promoted to become the King’s Empress.

And to this day, this is still the biggest tangle of the Qing dynasty and she is considered by many viewers as the most pitiable Empress in the history of the Qing dynasty.

Leng Phi (Order of Hoang Quy Phi)

Wei Anh Lac in Dien Hi Cong Luoc is a real character in the history of the Qing dynasty. Her real name is Nguy Giai Thi, originally from Nguy Thi. With the favor of King Qian Long, this beauty also became an anecdote in the history of the most advanced harem of that day. From Quy Nhan became Qin, then Phi and finally Quy Phi.

Although Qian Long has countless beauties and concubines, there are not many descendants, and Lingfei is the one who gave birth to four princes and two queens. However, among them, not many people lived long, the only consolation was the Five Five Princes of Vinh Diem who later became Emperor Gia Khanh.

Ling Fei died at the age of 49, in addition to giving her the posthumous name of Ling Yi, Qian Long also wrote a poem in memory of the ancients – Ling Ying Hoang Quy Phi Van Thi. Not only that, she was also the 5th person to cooperate with the king in the underworld.

Thuan Phi (Pure Hue Hoang Quy Phi)

Thuan Phi’s real name in history books is called To Thi – the beauty most favored by Emperor Qian Long. Not from a noble background but a Han Chinese, when she reached adulthood, she became the Cach of the four princes of Hoang Lich. Due to her common background, plus a family background that is not a mandarin and is a Han Chinese, even though she gave birth to a son, she was not designated as Trac Phuc Tan.

This beauty was favored and gave birth to a prince, because of this, the status of her family was also raised. During many years of living in the harem, she was ordered by the king to appoint Thuan Phi To Thi to become Thuan Quy consort. When it comes to position, she is only behind Queen Phu Sat, Cao Quy Phi and Nhan Phi. As for the favor, after she passed away, Qian Long still mourned incessantly, especially built a green tiled Minh Lau building and erected an epitaph in front of her grave.

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