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The life of the muse ‘I am simply Maria’

Victoria Ruffo – the female lead “I’m simply Maria” – is happy with her politician husband and three children, acting in a new movie at the age of 60.

The Mexican star posted a photo with her husband and children when celebrating her birthday on May 31. By page Eluniversal, Victoria Ruffo has a full marriage with politician Omar Fayad. He is currently the Governor of Hidalgo State. In March, the couple posted a photo of their 21st wedding anniversary with a meal of tequila and roses. She and her husband have 22-year-old twins – named Victoria and Anuar. Last May, she revealed that they both had lovers.

In middle age, the actor assumed the role of president of an organization that promotes the advancement of the family in the city of Pachuca. In addition, she deals in real estate, restaurants, cosmetics, and beverages. On her personal page, the star often posts photos of traveling and meeting friends. However, according to the page Paudall, The actor’s health is not good. She suffered from cervical disease 30 years ago, used to be confined to a wheelchair for long-term treatment.

Victoria Ruffo with her husband - Mr. Omar Fayad.  Photo: famousfix

Victoria Ruffo with her husband – Mr. Omar Fayad. Image: famousfix

After many years of refusing to act in movies to support her husband’s political career, the star recently appeared in the film Corona de Lágrimas 2, are in production. She said that she was happy because she was loved by the audience, taking the lead role in the late afternoon.

Before having the current full life, Victoria Ruffo experienced a broken marriage. Page Nenroll news The star’s ex-husband – Eduardo Derbez – once said they got married because Ruffo was pregnant. The wedding in the early 1990s was simple, the party consisted of only hamburgers and pizza. They broke up after 5 years of living together, became friends, and took care of their son José Eduardo Derbez. When she broke up with her husband, she used to go to psychological treatment because she felt that she was ugly and abandoned.

Her son is now 30 years old, following in the footsteps of his parents, is a famous actor in Mexico. The male artist has repeatedly said that he has a good relationship with his stepfather, often confiding in him like two friends.

Stars of 'Simply I am Maria' after 28 years

The opening scene of the movie “I am simply Maria”. Video: Televisa

In the 1990s, Victoria Ruffo was the muse of the Mexican screen. Born in 1962, she entered the profession at the age of 18 with her debut role in Conflicts of a doctor. She acted in seven more films before becoming famous throughout Mexico and the Latin community with Simplemente María (I am simply Maria).

In the film, Victoria Ruffo transforms into Maria, a young girl from the countryside to the city to make a living, becomes a maid in a rich family and knows Juan Carlos – a playful and liberal guy. Maria gets caught up in Juan Carlos’s game and becomes pregnant, however she hides him. After giving birth to a son, Maria worked as a seamstress.

Victoria Ruffo as Maria, I'm Simply Maria.  Photo: Televisa

Victoria Ruffo as Maria, movie “I’m Simply Maria”. Image: Televisa

Later she met Víctor Carreño, a kind man, but the hurt feelings from the past prevented Maria from going far with Víctor. Gradually, she succeeded and became a famous fashion designer. She realizes her true feelings for Víctor. Meanwhile, Jose Ignacio – son of Maria – falls in love with the daughter of his enemy. The film is popular in many countries, including Vietnam. The work conveys the message of faith, the effort to rise up in life, was shown many times over three decades, most recently in 2017.

Page Latin Times commented that despite having won many big and small awards with dozens of other works, Maria is the character that makes Victoria Ruffo “the queen of Mexican drama”. Her natural acting and pure beauty sowed nostalgia in the hearts of many generations of audiences.

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