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The most profitable way to save money?

06/06/2022 09:04 GMT+7

Banks have different deposit interest rates at each term, so how can savers get the most interest and still…

In the first quarter of the year, deposit inflows increased by 2.15% year-on-year. People alone have netted nearly 174,000 billion VND, bringing the total amount of residents’ deposits to 5.47 million billion VND, an increase of 3.28% compared to the end of 2021.

Obviously, in order to increase the amount of capital mobilized, banks will increase deposit interest rates. Many banks raised deposit interest rates in the second half of May. Deposit interest rates increased by a range of 0.3-0.4%/year, with some banks increasing by 0.8%/year.

Specifically, about 20 banks listed 12-month deposit interest rates over 6% a year. This number with online channels is 23 banks. The average 12-month deposit interest rates at the counter and online reached 6.11% and 6.28%, respectively.

The increase in deposit interest rates is good news for those who are in need of savings to serve many different purposes in life.

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Many banks have increased deposit interest rates in the second half of May. (Artwork – Photo: Investment Newspaper)

“Divide your money into different books,” shared one saver.

“I often choose to deposit online because it’s flexible in terms of time and I don’t have to go to the counter,” another shared.

Depending on the purpose of saving (to buy a house, buy a car, pay for children’s schooling, old age…), the sender can choose an appropriate savings term. The longer the savings term, the higher the interest rate, but will make the cash flow less flexible.

“For peace of mind, they deposit into some big banks. And some want higher interest rates, but still within a safe threshold, they deposit in some medium-sized banks. Those options are no problem. No matter what, there is still deposit insurance, secondly, the banking system is always guaranteed by the Government,” said Can Van Luc, Chief Economist, BIDV Bank.

The expert also noted that depositors calculate real interest rates, uniformly year on year, to make it easier to compare savings terms of different banks.

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