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The rumors about lemonade are believed by many people, this is the truth that should be known as soon as possible

Lemonade is a popular beverage that is used by many families because of its ease of preparation and low cost. Scientific studies show that lemon is rich in vitamin C, has a good antioxidant effect, can whiten skin, maintain skin elasticity, slow down skin aging. In addition, the citric acid present in lemon can have the effect of removing spots and preventing skin pigmentation, so lemon is a very useful skin beauty fruit.

In general, lemon water has a positive effect on human health. However, there are many false rumors about lemonade, causing misunderstandings.

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Lemon water is good for the body, but it depends on the person. (Illustration)

Can drinking lemon water help fight cancer?

Some people believe that drinking lemon water every day can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, even more effectively than the chemotherapy drug doxorubicin due to its weak alkaline nature, which can inhibit cancer cells.

Mr. Lu, professor of nutrition at the School of Public Health of Guangxi Medical University, China gave the answer to this question. He asserted that the above information has no basis. In fact, the human body has the function of regulating acid and base balance in the body, such as body fluids can neutralize acid-base, urine can excrete organic acids. Therefore, the information that the alkalinity in lemon juice helps inhibit cancer cells is not true. The professor asserts that lemon juice has no role in fighting cancer, the information that the therapeutic effect of lemon juice is comparable to chemotherapy is a myth.

Drinking lemon water can help cure high blood pressure, increase bone density?

A study in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan once suggested that drinking lemon water helps regulate high blood pressure and increase bone density. The study invited 44 middle-aged and elderly women to participate to find out if lemon promotes calcium absorption and lowers blood pressure. A group of women were asked to drink 200ml of calcium-containing lemonade per day and found that bone density increased by 1.32% within 3 months. In just one month, the mean systolic blood pressure dropped from 134.6 to 125.6. At the same time, this effect persisted after 6 months.

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Lemon juice does not have the ability to fight cancer, treat blood pressure, but has many other effects. (Illustration)

Although the research results are interesting, many experts disagree, saying that the number of 44 cases is too small and not common. In addition, the number of fluctuations is not significant, not enough to prove the role of lemon juice in treating high blood pressure and increasing bone density.

Therefore, it is not entirely true that lemon juice can treat high blood pressure or increase bone density.

Should you drink lemonade?

Although lemon juice can not fight cancer, does not help treat high blood pressure or increase bone density, the benefits of drinking lemon water are not small. You should still drink lemon water because of its health benefits for the skin and body. However, should note the following cases should not drink lemon water:

Stomach diseases

The citric acid content in lemons is extremely high. When this substance enters the stomach, it can stimulate and affect the secretion of gastric acid. Patients with stomach diseases, especially those with hypersecretion, peptic ulcers should avoid drinking lemon juice. Drinking this water can easily aggravate the disease.


Although lemon has a sour taste, in fact it also contains a certain amount of sugar, about 8%-10%. Plus, when making lemonade, you usually add sugar. Therefore, diabetics are advised not to drink too much lemon juice because it can affect blood sugar control.

Sensitive teeth

Lemon juice contains many acids, especially citric acid. If you eat too much lemon, this acid can irritate the nerve in the tooth, causing tooth sensitivity. Therefore, for people with weak teeth and sensitive teeth, they should control the consumption of lemon juice.

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