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The secret car on the most luxurious train in the world

AmericaOn the luxury train, the Rocky Mountaineer, there are carriages that normally cannot be entered.

The Rocky Mountaineer is one of the most luxurious trains in the world. Monica Humphries, an American travel writer, has just experienced her latest trip this summer from Denver, Colorado to Moab, Utah lasting 15 hours. She followed her manager Zach Lucas to visit secret places on the train – the area for staff, restricting passenger traffic.

Join a Rocky Mountaineer train to experience the class that visitors should try when coming to Canada.  Lonely Planet describes this journey as one of the world's best experiences.

The train serves passengers sightseeing on four routes British Columbia, Alberta, Colorado (Canada) and Utah (USA). Image: Rocky Mountaineer

The train has seven passenger cars, carrying 375 people. Where 20 employees live and work in the first and last two carriages of the train. To get to the staff car at the back of the train, Monica needed to walk through a car that was used as a bar. This shop is exclusively for guests in the SilverLeaf Plus cabin – equivalent to business class on the plane.

Lucas led the special guest through the door into the secret carriage. This place has two main functions: storage and relaxation. This carriage is also divided into two areas, on the right is the space to repair the train when needed, such as adjusting the coupling, repairing the steam engine…

The staff car is at the front of the train.  Photo: Insider

The staff car is at the front of the train. Image: Insider

The rear car is a real resting area for the staff, with spacious orange leather tables. Lucas said staff and passengers ate the same dishes. That means what passengers eat, employees eat. If desired, employees can bring their favorite food from home. This car is also a food and drink storage to serve guests with a full microwave oven, coffee maker, toaster, super speed kettle, refrigerator, washing faucet…

This is also where Lucas’s office is located. He describes this small room as the “brain” of the train. Here, he assigns work to each person, checks the list of passengers, contacts the head office to report the operation situation… Behind this carriage is a generator, providing electricity for whole train.

Lucas's office in the stern compartment.  Photo: Insider

Lucas’s office in the stern compartment. Image: Insider

At the end of a tour of two special rooms on the train, Monica returned to her seat in the passenger car. She said she feels lucky to be able to discover places with her own eyes that most passengers don’t have the chance to visit.

Take a ride on the Rocky Mountaineer train, a luxurious experience that visitors should try, to see the beautiful scenery of Canada and the US through the glass windows. Lonely Planet describes the journey as “one of the best experiences in the world”. A two-day, one-night train from Denver, Colorado to Moab, Utah starts at $1,999. This carrier also has a GoldLeaf cabin – equivalent to first class on the plane, with tour prices up to 3,650 USD for five nights.


The passenger compartment on the train has large glass panes to facilitate sightseeing. Image: Insider

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