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The stupid antelope rushes to give its life to the cheetahs

This scene was captured by Michael Tilley, employee at conservation area Mala Mala nature, South Africa recorded.

Clip: Stupid antelope rushes to give its life to the herd leopards

In the clip, the cheetahs are resting on a high ground to observe the herd Antelope. What was surprising was that shortly after, a female antelope started walking towards the mound alone, completely unaware of the leopards hiding.

When it discovered the predators, it rushed to run but could not escape. After the chase for only about 100 meters, the leopards easily defeated the antelope and began to eat.

The cheetah, scientifically known as Acinonyx jubatus, is a leopard that belongs to the group of big cats and is known to run faster than any animal on the ground.

With an aerodynamic body shape combining long legs and a flexible spine, they can sprint at speeds of up to 112 km / h and are classified as fearsome predators.

Cheetahs also have the ability to accelerate as fast as sports cars. It can accelerate from 0-72 km/h in just 2.5 seconds. They are also capable of amazingly abrupt changes of direction, even in mid-air, thanks to their long tails that balance their body weight.

Not only using speed, cheetahs also use intelligence while hunting. The ability to judge the running of prey is one of the abilities unique to cheetahs. The cheetah’s favorite food is antelope, but sometimes they also hunt zebras, buffalo, rabbits or ostriches.

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