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The townhouse cools down in the summer with a shady hanging garden and uniquely designed interior

The 3-storey townhouse is designed with a hanging garden as a “cushion” to block the sun and reduce heat for the house on a hot day.

The 3-storey townhouse by architect Le Anh Tuan has a modern style, with a spacious balcony and terrace.

The beautiful hanging garden has the effect of reducing heat on a hot day and creating a relaxing space for the owner. The interior of the house has a unique beauty, luxurious and sophisticated walnut color.

Housing architecture is in a modern style, seamlessly linking residential architecture with street landscape and ideal construction standards. The exterior helps homeowners fully show their beauty and aesthetic taste.

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Trees are an indispensable element for modern townhouses. From the ground floor to the upper floors, trees are interwoven with unique vines and trees, helping to increase the beauty of the building, bringing a fresh atmosphere, which is good for everyone’s health. The system of windows and doors is made of high-quality tempered glass, in order to bring natural light and cool wind into the house, and at the same time create a fresh atmosphere. This is also a popular material used today, both convenient and cost-effective for homeowners.

Living room uses luxurious walnut furniture, delicate colors. Glass door frames are an effective solution to get light and wind source for townhouses.

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Spacious space for the owner to invite friends and relatives to the house to drink tea and party.

Set of dining tables and chairs in light colors, using rustic wood materials.

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Fully furnished I-shaped kitchen. The kitchen surface is covered with luxurious and prominent white stone for easy and quick cleaning.

The room is warm, the bed is soft and gives a good night’s sleep. Besides, there is a glass door frame that both brings light and cool wind into the room, helping to save energy significantly.

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Compact laundry area next to the bathroom.

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The bathroom is luxurious, clean and shiny when it is covered with high-class stone, soft colors. Architects use delicate glass partitions, interwoven with unique colorful bricks, increasing the attraction for this place.

Spacious master bedroom, eye-catching and impressive design.

The worship room is dignified, arranged with a sofa set, convenient for homeowners when they need to be quiet, reminisce about old memories or simply enjoy a cup of fragrant tea in a sacred space.

Hanging terrace garden with green vegetation as a “buffer” to block the sun and reduce the heat below the house through a layer of wooden slats combined with a climbing trellis in the future.

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The front and rear terraces have a reasonable allocation of green space. The green bamboo fence also has a feng shui meaning, symbolizing happiness, abundance, happiness, and union.

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