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The tragedy of the young woman’s husband

ChinaAfter more than two years of being together with her husband, the noble lady Dong Ngoc Trinh disappeared after a “three-person meeting”.

On October 30, 1947, a piece of news looking for someone appeared in the newspapers in Tianjin: Dong Ngoc Trinh, 35 years old, had left home in a rickshaw from 5:00 pm on October 25, and has not returned until now. The broadcaster is Dong Ngoc Trinh’s husband – Ly Bao Ngo, 37 years old. The two married when Dong Ngoc Trinh was 16 years old, arranged by both parents. Trinh is the daughter of an army general, Ngo is the five young masters of the Ly family with a wide estate. They had 6 children together, but two of them died prematurely, leaving only two boys and two girls.

Or that Trinh was missing, Dong Ngoc Chi’s sister immediately reported to the police because she suspected that something bad happened to her. She knows Trinh has an unhappy married life.

More than two years ago, Ly Bao Ngo secretly married Thi My Le, 10 years younger, with two Chinese-German bloodlines, as a concubine and brought him to live near the main house in Tianjin. Knowing the story, Trinh found the house her husband rented for Le to make a fuss. Then, arranged by a lawyer, Trinh was forced to make a separation agreement with Ngo. Accordingly, Ngo is responsible for providing living expenses for Trinh, his mother-in-law and four children. In return, Trinh is not allowed to interfere in Ngo and Le’s lives.

Dong Ngoc Trinh (left) and Thi My Le - Ly Bao Ngo.  Photo: Tjdag

Dong Ngoc Trinh (left) and Thi My Le – Ly Bao Ngo. Image: Tjdag

Since then, Trinh has not had a peaceful day. Not only often broke the agreement, did not pay living expenses on time, Ngo also limited her freedom, beaten if she did not obey. Trinh was beaten by her husband when she was 7 months pregnant, causing her to give birth prematurely.

Trinh’s mother confirmed that the morning of her disappearance, she said she was looking for Ngo to go to the store to buy coats.

According to Chi’s accusations, the police went to Ngo’s house to interrogate him. Ngo said, at 9 am on the morning of Trinh’s disappearance, she went to the house he was living with Le to ask to buy a jacket similar to Le’s. Because Trinh rarely comes here, Le treats “old lady” very kindly. The three of them had lunch, had a drink together, then rested. Waking up at 5pm, because he was busy with work, Ngo gave Trinh money to buy clothes by himself. Trinh took the money, intending to go to her friend’s house, so she refused her husband’s offer to bring him back, called a tow truck to leave.

Ngo speculated, Trinh revealed money, so he was harmed and robbed by the driver. He described the driver as about 30 years old, tall build, wearing a blue duffel shirt and black canvas shoes, but his face was not visible. Ngo expressed regret for not driving his wife home.

The maids in Ngo’s house said that they did not know when Trinh would come, but when they brought lunch, they saw the eldest woman sitting in front of the dining table. At 5:00 p.m. on October 25, they heard the boss see his wife off the big door.

According to Ngo’s testimony, the police searched for the driver to take Trinh away but to no avail.

When the police were losing clues, a foreigner came to report the crime on the evening of October 30. He claims to be Rie, 25 years old, Latvian, a manager of an auto repair complex, living with his wife Marena. The couple has known the Ly family for many years due to a business relationship. They often travel with Ngo and Le.

At 9:00 am on October 26, they received a letter from Le, saying that they were going to move to another place because they were afraid of “old lady”, asking to send some things at their house. At noon, Ngo – Le brought a wicker suitcase, leaving it in Rie’s garage. Seeing that the suitcase was very heavy and had an unpleasant smell, Rie asked and received an explanation that the cat was peeing on it.

On October 28, Ngo again went to Rie’s house to measure the suitcase. At noon the next day, he and a few servants moved to a wooden crate, put the suitcase in and nailed it.

On October 30, Rie and his wife read the news of finding people in the newspaper, thinking that Ngo was not worried about finding his wife, but five times seven times came to his house because of the suitcase, so they became suspicious. Reviewing the wooden crate in the garage, discovering that the stench was stronger than before, Rie panicked and went to the police.

When opening the wooden crate and suitcase, the police discovered that the female body was not intact. The victim’s face was destroyed to hide his identity. However, Chi still recognized this as her sister through physical features such as Trinh’s left little finger, which was broken by Ngo. Ngo and Le were arrested in the night.

On October 31, the police found a bloody carpet that Ngo had hidden in the trunk of the car.

Le declared, on the morning of October 25, Trinh broke into her house, arguing over a small matter. In anger, Trinh threw things at her husband, Ngo caught the iron hammer that almost flew into her head. When Trinh continued to throw the porcelain vase at Ngo, he attacked with a hammer.

Knowing Trinh was dead, the two of them sat thinking for nearly four hours, decided to hide the body and report it missing. In order to disguise himself, when there was no one there, he deliberately went to the gate to greet Trinh loudly, causing the maid to believe that the eldest lady had left. He then drove off to buy suitcases, carpets, and ropes at different stores to hide his suspicious behavior.

On January 5, 1948, Ngo was sentenced to death for murder, executed on December 28, 1951.

Le was sentenced to life in prison. In 1954, due to good rehabilitation and the court reviewed the circumstances of the case, the sentence was reduced to 13 years in prison, and was released in 1960.

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