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Tips to keep fruits and vegetables fresh in the hot season

Summer with high temperatures and erratic humidity makes it easy to quickly spoil fruits and vegetables.

In summer, the weather is favorable to make products fruit seasonal. Therefore, you should only buy enough, if you accidentally buy or harvest too much, you can preserve it by vacuuming, freezing, fermenting, etc. to help store fruit against waste.

1. Not all fruits are suitable when placed in the refrigerator

To combat the heat, we often have a habit of putting all the things we have in the refrigerator. But you need to keep in mind, not all fruits and vegetables are suitable for storage in the refrigerator.

Most soft-textured fruits like mangoes, bananas, avocados, and tomatoes don’t tolerate temperature changes. The cold can wilt vegetables or ruin the flavor of fruit, so it’s better to keep them at room temperature, in a basket or small bowl, and in a cool, shaded place.

If you still want to keep vegetables in the refrigerator, you should put them in the dedicated vegetable compartment (bottom drawer), a place that is cool enough without getting cold.

5 tips to protect fresh fruits and vegetables in hot season-1
Should put vegetables in a separate compartment for vegetables to limit the cold.

2. How to keep vegetables from getting wet?

Outdoor storage, fruits and vegetables can be affected by moisture. To avoid this, you can line a paper towel or some newspaper in the bottom of the basket. Avoiding moisture absorption will keep your fruits and vegetables a little longer.

3. Some vegetables should not be kept together

Since not all fruits and vegetables are stored in the same place, you should be aware that some products should be kept separate. Apples and some fruits release ethylene, a gas that alters other products by continuing to ripen them and over time causing them to rot.

To avoid this, put tomatoes, bananas, grapes, avocados, mangoes, peaches, apricots in a separate basket. Moreover, to keep bananas fresh longer, remember to separate bananas, avoid weighing them down and stay away from green onions.

5 tips to protect fresh fruits and vegetables in hot season-2
Bananas and avocados should not be stored together to avoid premature ripening.

4. How to preserve cut fruit

To preserve the rest of the cut fruit, you can place the washed, sliced ​​produce in an airtight container and then refrigerate.

One small tips allows you to save time preparing meals next by preserving cut fruits and vegetables with food foil.

5. How to preserve with overripe fruit?

5 tips to protect fresh fruits and vegetables in hot season-3
Delicious banana ice cream in summer.

Peaches or grapes are products that tend to ripen fairly quickly. If you haven’t eaten them before they’re cooked, don’t throw them away. Wash them and put them in a box, sprinkle some sugar on top and put them in the fridge, you can store them for a day and then make delicious dishes.

With overripe bananas, you can make banana ice cream with grated coconut, roasted peanuts, coconut milk and condensed milk.

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