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Trolling Jet Griefers with my Chernobog is too much fun in GTA Online

Welcome back! I was looking at some underrated vehicles in gta online when I decided to have some fun with the Chernobog. Definitely a fun vehicle to use against plane tryhard griefers in GTA and it has the best missile tracking too. 🌐 PUTTHER’S VPN (3 MONTHS FREE +50% OFF) Also, I’ll give you a friend request or follow too! 👕 PUTTHER’S STORE (Limited Merch) BUSINESS INQUIRIES [email protected] ❗ FOLLOW ME TikTok: Instagram : Twitter: Discord: Facebook: / Patreon: Twitch: ▂ Just so you know, in this YouTube video and my channel I’m not only talking about GTA Online, I’m making Videos on: • GTA 5 Online • GTA 5 RP • Moneymaking Guides • GTA 5 RPG • Grand Theft Auto Moneymaking • Top 10 GTA Moments • Basic GTA Financial Advice • GTA Passive Income ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ #gta #online #putther


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