U23 Malaysia, U23 Thailand take the top spot

U23 Malaysia won U23 Thailand in the group stage of SEA Games 31 a few weeks ago. However, in the rematch in the U23 Asian arena, the golden temple team did not repeat the old mistake. Meanwhile, U23 Malaysia had a bad performance both in attack and defense.

Video: Thailand U23 easily scored against Malaysia U23

The first half was played with a tight match and few chances. U23 Thailand is not overwhelming, not much attack. However, coach Worrawut Srimaka’s students still had a goal with a simple attack arrangement, exploiting the space behind the opponent’s high defense. Suphanat Mueanta opened the scoring.

After the break, U23 Malaysia adjusted personnel and squad to improve attack ability. However, the students of coach Brad Maloney could not create a better match than in the first half, on the contrary, the more they played, the more deadlocked they became.

Malaysia U23, Thailand U23 take the top place - 1

U23 Thailand won boldly U23 Malaysia.

U23 Malaysia wants to promote the squad, but the quality of this team’s attack is too bad. The coordination phase of U23 Malaysia was easily broken by the opponent when crossing the midfield line. Malaysia U23’s best opportunity came from the opponent’s mistake, but they also failed to take advantage.

In the opposite direction, the rising opponent helps Thailand U23 have more opportunities. After several misses, Suphanat and his teammates scored 2 goals in a few minutes to extinguish the hopes of U23 Malaysia. Channarong Promsrikaew and Suphanat in turn hit the opponent’s net in not very difficult situations.

U23 Malaysia no longer has the spirit to compete after 2 goals quickly. Coach Maloney’s students showed their frustration in each ball handling phase. Meanwhile, U23 Thailand has a lot of impromptu situations, even if the difference is only one goal.

Defeating Malaysia U23 with a score of 3-0, U23 Thailand rose to the top of Group C. The Golden Temple team was equal in points (4 points), equal in goal-to-goal difference with South Korea U23 but temporarily ranked above thanks to U23. penalty card index. In the last match, U23 Thailand faced U23 Korea.

Result: U23 Thailand 3-0 U23 Malaysia


Thailand U23: Suphanat (23′, 73′), Channarong (69′)

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