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Ukraine claims to control 50% of Severodonetsk

Ukraine claims to control 50% of Severodonetsk - Photo 1.

Smoke rises over the city of Severodonetsk during a tug-of-war between Ukrainian and Russian troops for control of the city, photo taken on June 2 – Photo: AFP

Although the Ukrainian side is still moving forward, Sergiy Gaiday also warned that Russia will make an important new effort here.

According to AFP news agency, the control of 50% of Severodonetsk – the largest city in the Lugansk region – is a big step for the Ukrainian side because they were in danger of being completely pushed back from the city by the Russian side.

From April 2022, the fighting in Ukraine is concentrated mainly in the eastern part of the country. Here, Russian forces made slow but steady advances.

Recently, Ukraine has called on its allies to support more powerful weapons to counter Russian attacks. On June 5, Ukraine’s deputy defense minister stressed that this support is necessary until Russia fails.

Many Western countries have announced they will send more modern weapons for Ukraine. Most recently, on June 6, Britain said it would send rocket systems to Ukraine despite Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fierce objections to the West providing advanced weapons to Ukraine.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Ukraine’s Western allies must keep providing arms to ensure Ukraine can win over Russia.

Before that, on 5-6, newspaper El Pais Citing government sources, Spain will provide heavy weapons to Ukraine. Experts say this is a landmark action because previously Madrid only sent light weapons to Kiev. Specifically, Spain will send anti-aircraft missile systems and about 40 Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine.

In addition, Spain will also conduct necessary training courses on how to use this tank for Ukrainian soldiers. The first phase of the training will take place in Latvia and the second phase of the training is likely to take place in Spain.

Last week, on June 1, US President Joe Biden announced a new $700 million weapons support package for Ukraine, including high-mobile artillery missile systems HIMARS, after Kiev pledged to do not use them to attack targets inside Russian territory.

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