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University opens ‘virtual school’ on metaverse virtual universe

In 2023, IE University (Spain) will open a ‘metaverse virtual school’, using augmented reality to teach, continuing to improve the Liquid Learning model (teaching model using technology, combining in person and online).

IE University is a world leader in educational innovation, ranked 19th in the GEURS global university employability ranking 2021. Accordingly, the school will provide VR and AR headsets (realistically). virtual and augmented reality) for all university students and opening “virtual schools” in 2023 in Metaverses such as Roblox and Descentranland. This technological innovation is a new step towards driving positive change through education, innovation and research.

The concept of “metaverse virtual field” has been mentioned before. According to Fierce Education, a “metaverse virtual school” (Metaversity) is a university’s immersive online environment that combines VR and AR technologies, a digital twin of the real-life campus. Students and faculty can interact with each other through the Digital Twin.

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Diego del Alcázar Benjumea, CEO of IE University, said: “Technology allows us to have new experiences, take education into a new dimension. XR (new augmented reality) is key. important because it’s a new way to connect with machines, bridging the line between the real and digital worlds.”

“At IE University, we believe it is essential for students to understand this new reality and this is why we are using it,” said Alejandro Ameneiro, Director of Commercial IT Innovation at IE University. actively use technologies and bring them to life in the classroom and on campus”.

IE University has also designed a number of teaching methods, experiences with virtual reality in the areas of technology, sustainability, negotiation, marketing and communication to enhance the student learning experience. In addition, IE University is also working with technology partners like Meta (Facebook’s parent company) to develop XR Labs at Madrid and Segovia campuses so that students can train through the Liquid Learning model. using Meta’s latest generation of VR headset, Meta Quest 2. IE University also partnered with app development companies like Bodyswaps and Virtualspeech to develop its own metaverse.

Doan Hung (According to IE University)

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