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Use geolocation to track your boyfriend and then hit him dead

Radio Fox News On June 6, it was reported that Morris used an AirTag (smart location device) of Apple Corporation to track a man she claimed to be her boyfriend – Andre Smith.

After tailing Smith to a bar, Morris accused his boyfriend of having an affair and ran over him with a car. A witness said that before committing the crime, Morris “held a bottle of wine and attacked the woman who was with Smith”.

The staff working at the bar intervened, asking all three to leave the bar. But seemingly unable to control himself, Morris used a car to run over his boyfriend and was immediately arrested by the police. Currently the case is under investigation.

Use geolocation to track your boyfriend and then hit him dead - Photo 1.

Gaylyn Morris is accused of murdering her boyfriend. Photo: Crime Online

In another development, a man in England was electrocuted by police, jumped into the Thames and died. Newspaper The Guardian The incident happened last weekend.

The man, in his 40s, shouted at Chelsea Bridge Road in London. When the police arrived, they tried to control him with stun guns, but he jumped into the river. He was rescued and taken to the hospital, but the man later died.

Tasers are the subject of much controversy in the UK. According to the newspaper The GuardianBritish Home Secretary Priti Patel has said that it will only grant stun guns to special organizations, part of a new series of crime-suppression initiatives.

Meanwhile, US police in the middle of last week arrested a 12-year-old boy for stealing his 9mm caliber gun to rob a gas station in Michigan. Newspaper The Independent said the boy even fired warning shots into the ceiling. The gun was hidden by the boy in a black bag.

Upon receiving the news, police officer Tressa Beltran arrived at the scene within 90 seconds.

The boy is being charged with armed robbery, shooting and assault with a dangerous weapon.

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