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VET shares surged after successful African swine fever vaccine

Closing the session on June 3, VET’s share price traded at 116,000 VND/share, up 8.82%. In recent sessions, this stock increased sharply from 89,000 VND/share (May 31) to 95,100 VND/share (1/6) and is at the highest level of 116,000 VND/share. Since May 19, this stock has increased 62%.

On June 3, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development officially announced the successful production of commercial African swine fever vaccine by the Central Veterinary Medicine Joint Stock Company. This is the world’s first commercial vaccine for this disease.

Vietnam has officially produced a commercial vaccine against the disease African Swine Fevermeet the technical and professional requirements, ensure sterility, safety and effectiveness, immunity lasts 6 months, contributing to the safety of livestock and pork production.

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Mr. Tran Xuan Hanh, Deputy General Director of Navetco Company, said that the company has a production scale of over 50 million doses/year. In the first phase, the company gives priority to the domestic market, then plans to export. The expected selling price is about 34,000-36,000 VND/dose, equivalent to the price of a vaccine against blue ear disease.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien also said that many countries have known about Navetco’s research results and mentioned that they want to buy DTHCP vaccine.

Central Veterinary Medicines Joint Stock Company, formerly known as the National Institute of Microbiology, is an enterprise directly under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, established in 1955 with three main tasks: Research, Production and Sales of Veterinary Medicines and Veterinary Medicines. aquatic veterinary medicine. The enterprise has a charter capital of 160 billion VND, of which the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development holds 65% and Nova Consumer Group (formerly Anova Corp) holds 11.7%.

In 2021, Navetco net revenue reached VND 608 billion (down 1% over the same period), profit before tax reached VND 86 billion (down 6% over the same period). In 2022, the company sets a cautious plan with revenue of 613 billion VND (up 1%) and pre-tax profit of 87 billion VND (up 1%).

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VET price chart

Regarding the livestock sector, according to VNDirect’s meat production and processing industry report, total revenue of listed meat companies in the first quarter decreased by 39.7% and net profit decreased by 37.4% compared to the previous quarter. with the same period. According to the unit, this result is due to the sharp increase in the price of feed materials due to the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. hog price down 30.7% in the first 3 months of the year. According to Euromonitor, the market value of all kinds of meat is estimated to reach about 12.5 billion USD in 2021.

The level of investment in animal husbandry is increasing as more and more large enterprises in Vietnam such as Masan, Dabaco, Tan Long, Truong Hai, Hoa Phat…; Foreign enterprises such as CP Vietnam, De Heus, Japfa… and other economic sectors invest in the development of animal husbandry and product processing under the closed chain model.

End of a sideways trading week

The market last week was almost flat after 2 consecutive weeks of recovery, showing that this rally is quite strong and reliable, the delivery volume is still low but stable during the past 3 weeks.

A slight red point in the last session of the week, but overall it was still a green week with slight points of VN-Index. Profit-taking pressure increased when VN-Index approached the psychological mark of 1,300 points but could not conquer.

According to SHS, the fact that the VN-Index approached the psychological resistance level of 1,300 points and after 2 consecutive gaining weeks, it is likely that the market will face the possibility of a correction and in fact the market has had 2 declining sessions in the last week. The correction (if any) is not necessarily negative, but it will create an opportunity for the market to accumulate before having more positive moves.

From a technical analysis point of view, there is support for the market’s recovering trend with VN-Index bouncing away from the psychological resistance level of 1,200 points and almost touching the psychological resistance level of 1,300 points as the first milestone. forward wave of recovery b.

However, the psychological resistance level of 1,300 points is being tested as the market has dropped for 2 sessions at the end of the week and has not yet broken out of this level, and most likely market is in the inevitable correction phase and is necessary to accumulate more before there is a new rally to continue rising.

Duy Anh

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Over 15 years of building a trillion-dollar fortune, the giants suddenly wiped their hands and sold them allMr. Nguyen Anh Nhuong Tong, elected Thuy, elected Duc sold all their shares, racing to sell stocks was the highlight of the week.
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