‘Vietnam U23 is going in the right direction of world football’

U23 Vietnam will face Korea in the second round of Group C match U23 Asia 2022 at 8pm tonight (5/6). This is a pivotal match for teachers and coaches Gong Oh-kyun to complete the goal of passing the group stage.

BLV Quang Tung said that U23 Vietnam is showing a positive face in the Asian tournament. In terms of expertise, the veteran BLV said that U23 Vietnam still has many problems. But the spirit and fighting strength of Bui Hoang Viet Anh and his teammates are impressive. That is a must-have for players playing in the youth league.

BLV Quang Tung: 'Vietnam U23 is going in the right direction of world football' - 1

U23 Vietnam showed a bright face against Thailand. Photo: Huu Tan.

– What remained with BLV Quang Tung when U23 Vietnam drew with Thailand?

The score 2-2 reflects the situation of the match between U23 Vietnam and Thailand. U23 Vietnam encountered a force disturbance, so Coach Gong had to “make up rice with fish sauce” to confront Thailand. It is understandable that U23 Vietnam has not operated smoothly.

I am impressed by the positive transformation of U23 Vietnam under the new coach. The players on the field in the new scheme have 4 central defenders, rotate very flexibly. The idea of ​​U23 Vietnam when entering the game is to control the ball actively to attack, move more, and be more active to impose Thailand.

This is a bright face and gives us a lot of hope for the future of Vietnamese football. For me, youth football level is the rubbing to improve game by game. Fans should not put pressure on young players because their career goals are still ahead. The important thing is what face U23 Vietnam shows and before Thailand, I see the change, the whole system is refreshed.

– Coach Gong has just taken charge of U23 Vietnam, but has changed the whole system. Is it risky that even before that, the players were still playing and practicing a lot for the three central defenders?

Every coach has his own philosophy. Coach Gong has been preparing since being appointed as the new U23 Vietnam coach. Despite the U23 Vietnam squad that just won the SEA Games gold medal according to the system, the tactics of Mr. Park Hang Seo and Coach Gong still adjusted and even shuffled a lot of positions.

Two main levels of Vietnamese football is the national team and U23 Vietnam has been “nailed” for the system of 5 defenders of Coach Park in the past few years. The transformation from U23 Vietnam under Coach Gong is thus opening up a new future.

BLV Quang Tung: 'Vietnam U23 is going in the right direction of world football' - 2

The spirit of U23 Vietnam is high when playing in the new system. Photo: Changseuk.

– According to BLV Quang Tung, is there any highlight in the way U23 Vietnam played in the first match under Coach Gong?

One game is too early to make professional judgments. However, I clearly see the change of U23 Vietnam when playing in a more open scheme, requiring active movement and faster ball rotation.

U23 Vietnam is focusing on attacking the border. There, there are two scenarios that happen: a traditional side attack to header or cut to the bottom of the border, return the ball into the penalty area to create a cutting point according to modern football trends. Coach Gong is imposing the second thing on U23 Vietnam.

Phan Tuan Tai’s position is a bright spot in the U23 Vietnam squad. Tuan Tai moves mobile, has good team coordination, works hard to finish and has flexible ankles to make unexpected crosses.

Coach Gong’s offensive approach to U23 Vietnam is promising, following the trend of many top teams in the world. It is also logical that Coach Gong has just taken power in U23 Vietnam, so he has to choose the shortest way to attack the edge instead of cutting in the middle, which requires many pieces.

U23 Vietnam’s attack on the border is still monotonous, but over time, the situation will improve. There will be more lessons, triangle coordination teams, bouncing on the edge when the players play together long enough and imbued with the philosophy of the new coach.

– What do you expect from the match against Korea U23?

Obviously, the opponent is very strong and surpasses U23 Vietnam in all aspects. This is a heavy reagent for Vietnam U23, especially when Coach Gong is setting his ambition to build a more open and attacking style of play to impose on his opponent.

Coach Gong will recalculate, because the nature of the Korean confrontation is far from Thailand. The midfield U23 Vietnam cannot hold the ball actively, so our game will be more defensive, waiting for the opportunity to attack, or choose the time to attack in the first and last 15 minutes of each half. .

– Thank you for the exchange!

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