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Who is the model killer?

A famous model died in the toilet just minutes before the fashion show opened. You should deduce from the testimony of the three suspects who is the killer.

Question 1: Police questioned the three suspects about what they were doing during the murder. Hairstylist Allan said she was busy doing makeup for the models. Female model Gloria changes her dress backstage. Manager Hank phoned his partner.

Who is the killer?

Quiz: Who murdered the model?


Verse 2: Famous musician Finn reported to the police that his expensive saxophone was stolen. Before that, when he returned home from a concert, Finn put his beloved trumpet in the safe and went to sleep. He slept so soundly that he did not hear the cleaning maid. The police wanted to check the room, but Finn’s pet dog barked loudly. Finn said, the dog barks at strangers.

After investigation, the police suspected three people. Finn’s brother said he was rarely invited to the house, so he couldn’t steal anything. The maid said she was not paid well but never stole. Neighbors complained that Finn often practiced late at night, keeping the child from sleeping, but he had never seen Finn’s trumpet.

Who is the thief?

Quiz: Who murdered the model?  - first


Question 3: The police chase the robber on the street. In his haste to escape, he dropped something from his pocket. The police picked up the item and discovered it was a small notebook. They double-checked to see if there were any clues about the robber’s accomplice.

The police discovered that he had only one accomplice, whose name was encrypted. Can you guess the name of the policeman to look for in the three suggestions below?

Quiz: Who murdered the model?  - 2


Question 4: Sophie brings a lot of food to the office for lunch, including fried chicken, sandwiches, cakes. But when it was time to eat, Sophie opened the refrigerator and found it empty. At that time, there were four employees in the office, Sophie was sure one of them had stolen her food.

Please observe and find out which employee is the culprit?

Quiz: Who murdered the model?  - 3


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