10x has an excellent GPA, founded a project to help ethnic minorities

Nguyen My Nhi (born in 2002, hometown of Da Lat) is currently a 2nd year student majoring in Economics – Finance at RMIT University Vietnam. In 2020, Nhi is one of 7 students to receive the full scholarship of RMIT University Vietnam (Vice-Chancellor’s Scholars) – a scholarship that is considered based on two criteria: excellent academic achievement and ability. Outstanding leadership through active contributions to the community.

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My Nhi is currently a student at RMIT University Vietnam. (Photo: NVCC)

Right from the beginning of 10th grade, Nhi set a clear academic goal for herself during her 3 years of high school, which is to maintain a GPA of always above 9.0 and win prizes at the school level, city level, and national level in turn. family. For three years in a row, I was chosen as the best student in the grade and in grade 12 was an honor student of the whole school. In addition, she won many prizes in French in provincial and national exams. At the end of 12th grade, I got IELTS 7.0.

In grades 10 and 11, Nhi participated in many school and local activities to gain more experiences. After that, the female student focuses on certain extracurricular activities in her senior year to impress the admissions committee.

The most prominent feature in the profile that helped Nhi win the scholarship was a project for ethnic minority students named “For better life skills of K’Ho ethnic students”.

When she was a child, when she followed her parents to work in Di Linh district, Nhi realized that the majority of ethnic minority people often had low self-esteem and guilt, leading to reticence in integrating into the community. The high rate of illiteracy and illiteracy makes life constantly in the worry of “rice and money”. Therefore, Nhi always aspires to contribute her efforts to partly improve the quality of life of ethnic minorities, not only with material things but also through raising awareness and responsibility for life. community.

The project team has 8 members including Nhi and 7 female students from ethnic minorities K’Ho, Ra Glai. For the K’Ho ethnic group, the matrilineal system is still maintained. So, with 7 female members, Nhi hopes to be able to make an impact in this community. The group’s activities focus on doing charity work, improving soft skills and developing social and environmental awareness for K’Ho ethnic girls.

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Nhi (red shirt) and her friends visited and distributed gifts to 5 households with extremely difficult circumstances in hamlet 4, Tam Bo commune. (Photo: NVCC)

10x has excellent GPA, founded a project to help ethnic minorities - 3

Nhi (white shirt) and members of the project visit and give gifts to some poor households of K’Ho and Ra Glai ethnic minorities in Tam Bo commune. (Photo: NVCC)

Not only the founder and leader of the group “For better life skills of K’Ho ethnic students”, Nhi is also the captain of the Red Cross Volunteer Club in Ninh Gia commune and a volunteer. of the Red Cross Society of Ninh Gia Commune. She participates in organizing charity programs such as 0 Dong Fair, Humanitarian Market, Tet for the poor, distributing gifts to students.

“Through these charity activities, I find myself more mature and empathetic towards the unfortunate lives around. From there, it motivates me to study hard and continue to actively participate in social activities in order to inspire and contribute to improving the quality of life of local people, especially the compatriots. ethnic minority”, 10x share.

Despite participating in many charity activities, Nhi still successfully completed her university studies. The female student has an excellent GPA of 3.75/4.0. I am a member of the Program Committee of RMIT Golden Flames Competition – a club that supports knowledge, materials and skills for members to compete in academic competitions for students. In addition, this coming semester, I will start to become a tutor for the SAS (Student Academic Sucess) department at the school, where I and the members help students solve their problems. study and develop research skills, self-study and complete essays in different subjects.

Nhi intends to participate in many competitions on finance and solving business cases for students so that she has more opportunities to rub and apply the knowledge she has learned into practice. Along with that, I will continue to maintain the group’s activities “For better life skills of K’Ho ethnic students” by organizing more diverse activities for friends in the group and finding opportunities to connect with other local charity and humanitarian organizations. Since then, I hope to be able to make more positive contributions to the ethnic minority community.

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