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[11h20 ngày 8/6] Coin secret number 24: Here is the treatment of straw embracing

The same thing happens in the stock market when there are many “witnesses” who hold a lot of stocks and then “get sick” when the market is on fire.

There is a study that shows that the Vietnamese stock market has up to 80% of individual investors participating in trading, buying and selling activities on the market. Among them, there are many non-specialist, inexperienced investors who buy and sell according to their emotions or listen to other people “key the goods”. They are like those people who “have a big belly”, hold a lot of stock codes but do not understand which businesses they belong to, their potential for future development or even do not understand why they bought them. that stock. As a result, the witnesses fell into a state of “headache, dizziness, dizziness” every time the market fluctuated, tossing and turning, losing sleep because of stock losses.

How not to “hug straw” anymore and treat “full belly” is always a big question, especially for amateur investors who don’t have much time to learn about the market. Is there any investment product that investors, despite spending less time and input costs, still ensure credibility and bring positive results?

[11h20 ngày 8/6]  The secret of the 24th coin: Here is the treatment of straw embracing - Photo 1.

The secret of the 24th coin has the theme “Here to treat the straw hug”

Understanding that mentality, “Secrets of money” number 24 with the theme “Here to treat the straw hug” will “catch the disease” for investors with a tool likened to a special medicine for investors. fledgling investment: ETF – an interesting and new investment tool in Vietnam.

Besides the familiar faces that guarantee the success of the program are host Ngoc Trinh, Editor Hoang Nam, expert Pham Luu Hung (Mr.X30) – Chief Economist of SSI, “The Secret of Money” No. Welcoming the arrival of a special “doctor” – Mr. To Xuan Nam, a stock fund expert, SSI Fund Management Company (SSIAM), promises to help investors feel more secure when participating in the market. stock market.

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