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2 beautiful view restaurants in Hanoi that are worth trying

Now that we go out to eat, good food is an obvious criterion, not a plus anymore. The biggest factor that motivates us to pack up, order a car to the restaurant instead of sitting at home and order food delivered to the door is the space and view of the restaurant.

We’re pretty sure most of you would agree with this view. That’s why in this article, we will suggest you 2 destinations in Hanoi, for a satisfying experience from taste to view.

1. The Summit Bar

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The view deserves 10 points of The Summit Bar

2 delicious food destinations, the best view in Hanoi for a

The Summit Bar’s menu goes beyond what people usually think of “Bar”

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In addition to cocktails and wines, you can order both afternoon tea sets and breakfast and savory dishes. In general, there is no shortage of dishes!

Located on the 20th floor – the highest floor of Pan Pacific Hanoi Hotel, The Summit Bar embraces the scenery of Thanh Nien Street – the most poetic street in Hanoi, along with Truc Bach Lake and West Lake.

If you want a panoramic view of Thanh Nien Street, West Lake and Truc Bach Lake, choose the area outside the balcony of The Summit. This is also a space for young men and women who are passionate about “smoke and fire”. With a fairly high position and surrounded by water, the outdoor area remains cool at sunset, even in the middle of summer. Of course, if you are afraid of the heat, hate the smell of cigarettes and like privacy, you can choose the space in the quiet and luxurious room.

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The interior space of The Summit Bar is somewhat fresher and quieter. You can also see the city from above through the glass window.

The drink menu of the bar is quite diverse with Signature dishes of Pan Pacific Group in general and of The Summit Bar in particular. In addition to cocktails, The Summit also serves wine, tea and coffee.

The Summit’s food menu is equally diverse. In addition to soups, appetizers and Vietnamese dishes, the restaurant serves Singaporean/Thai food, pasta. In particular, The Summit also has a “Healthy Delight” category for women who are on a diet.

The Summit Bar: 20th Floor, Pan Pacific Hotel (No. 1 Thanh Nien Street, Hanoi)

Average price (excluding 8% VAT and 5% service charge): 350,000 VND / person

2. The Drunken Duck – The Drunken Duck

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The view covers the Intercontinental Hotel and part of the West Lake of Say Duck

2 delicious food destinations, the best view in Hanoi for a

The space is very close to nature, when you step in, you will feel satisfied

Nestled in a small corner on Tu Hoa Street, Drunk Duck is surrounded by the Intercontinental Hotel and West Lake, so the space here has a romantic, quiet and poetic look.

The restaurant’s name is Con Saying Duck, but the menu is completely devoid of Duck related dishes… but mainly European-style grilled dishes. A special feature of Say Duck is that the restaurant does not have a fixed menu. In addition to wines and neat wines, the Drunk Duck serves food and cocktails on request.

2 delicious food destinations, the best view in Hanoi for a

The menu is not fixed but quite diverse

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According to our experience, grilled beef marrow and grilled lamb chops are the 2 dishes that “score” in the hearts of diners of Say Duck. Well worth a try!

2 delicious food destinations, the best view in Hanoi for a

Steak tartare – Thinly sliced ​​raw beef mixed with egg yolk is also a dish worth trying at Say Duck

The Drunken Duck – The Drunken Duck: No. 18 alley 5/2, Tu Hoa, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Average price (not including 8% VAT): 300,000 VND / person

Above are 2 destinations with beautiful views, delicious food and drinks that you can refer to with your sister or other half to “change the wind” when you have time. If you want to watch the sunset by the West Lake, here are two options worth trying.

Hope you will have a satisfactory experience with our 2 suggestions for beautiful view restaurants in Hanoi!

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