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“2022 is a pivotal year for development”

The sharing of Mr. Ruchik Shah, the new General Director of Ford Vietnam, will provide more information about the company’s development plans in Vietnam.

General Director of Ford Vietnam:

Reporter: Congratulations to the new General Director of Ford Vietnam!

After more than 2 months in charge of the new position, how have you noticed the investment and business environment in Vietnam has changed to catch up with the general trend of the world?

Mr. Ruchik Shah: It can be said that Ford has been present in Vietnam since very early. Up to now, the business has accompanied Vietnam for nearly 30 years. In general, in our overall assessment, Vietnam is one of the potential countries.

While increasing capacity and improving quality, our goal is to bring more and more products suitable to the Vietnamese market. In particular, Vietnam has been identified by Ford as one of the four key markets along with Thailand, South Africa and Australia, and has been enhanced with support in terms of resources, marketing strategies and product strategies. This is an important premise for Ford Vietnam to continue to develop in the future…

Reporter: It is known that this 2022 is considered a particularly important year for Ford Vietnam, could you please tell me why?

Mr. Ruchik Shah: 2022 is the milestone Ford Vietnam chooses to fulfill its commitment to change strategy from the corporation. This year we will launch up to 5 very important new products. This shows Ford’s long-term strategy in sustainable development in Vietnam when launching suitable products, as well as having a new approach to customers to maintain its position in the market.

Customer feedback on the two new Transit and Explorer models that have been released over the past few months has been overwhelmingly positive.

Reporter: Vietnamese consumers already know the One Ford strategy, now in the new development, would you like to clarify more about the Ford + plan?

Mr. Ruchik Shah: Ford + is the corporate vision based on a 10-point plan that focuses on great products and solutions, strong customer relationships and increasingly recognized ownership experiences. improve. Ford+ transforms Ford from a company that only sells single, conventional products, to a company that accompanies customers throughout their vehicle use, developing new technologies and expanding their range of products. future ownership experience and bring sustainable benefits. Ford+ marks a new journey in the relationship with our customers.

General Director of Ford Vietnam:

Reporter: With your experience in the previous markets, can you share more about the strategic direction to help Ford increasingly win the trust and love of Vietnamese consumers?

Mr. Ruchik Shah: With the rapidly changing reality of technology and trends, car manufacturers all want to bring new experiences to customers. That is the whole process that the manufacturer and the customer go together, maybe starting from choosing products online instead of going to the place to see the car.

Ford Vietnam currently has a nationwide dealer network with well-invested location and infrastructure. Especially, when Ford Motor is currently making changes with its plan to focus on customer service experiences, treating customers like family. The fact that the whole system is service-oriented is also crucial in the competition, because now, the technology of the companies is quite close to each other, so what makes the difference is the lifestyle and bringing a lot of interesting experiences. taste to the customer on the product.

Ford’s team will guide you on new features, technology and provide the most complete information to support customers. Next is the experience of car buying and selling with financial support for customers to quickly own a car. Then there is the experience of car ownership and after-sales services.

Currently, we have a lot of initiatives and are being deployed to launch in the near future when more new products come to Vietnam.

Reporter: Thank you and wish you many more interesting experiences in Vietnam.

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