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45 fun little details between all characters in Genshin Impact

#gnik #genshin #yelan 45 fun little details between all characters you might not know in Genshin Impact 00:04 – Sucrose addressed Albedo in a formal way even though they were the same age. 00:39 – Amber and Eula both got cautious as it started to rain/storm. 01:00 – Sayu attacks Itto for being patted on the head. 01:40 – Barbara and Jean have opposite reactions when opening the treasure chest. 01:56 – Beidou once made a promise to Thoma, which unfortunately cannot be kept now. 02:20 – Bennett and Xingqiu share the same English voice actress, Cristina Vee Valenzuela. 02:53 – Shenhe completed the missing part of Chongyun’s lines. 03:14 – All current Pyro characters are cheerful and energetic except Diluc. 03:42 – Both Diona and Gorou don’t like onions. 04:17 – Eula and Amber’s friendship is really amazing, they dance together, bathe together and protect each other. 06:15 – Fischl and Kaeya both have interesting thoughts about each other’s eye patches. 06:49 – Zhongli’s thoughts were difficult for Ganyu and Xiao to understand. 07:32 – Gourou is so scared of Yae that he flees from his escort duty. 09:37 – Hu Tao caught Qiqi too many times which caused Qiqi to start remembering and getting scared of her. 10:00 – Jean has a portrait of Barbara. 10:30 – Except for Jean, all Anemo characters released after version 1.0 are short. 10:48 – Kaeya had to keep a close eye on Noelle to keep her from putting herself in danger. 11:07 – Ayaka’s reaction to Thunder is explained by Ayato. 11:40 – Keqing and Sara simplify for their Archon. 11:34 – With the exception of Diluc, everyone is the best in Klee’s eyes. 12:55 – Sara and Sayu may have a similar background. 13:46 – All three current leaders in each region are supported by an Electro character. 14:05 – Mona belongs to the witch coven, a witch organization. Lisa is also a witch, but she is not a member. 14:28 – Ningguang and Xiangling misunderstood each other. 15:04 – Noelle really thought Fischl was from another world. 15:38 – Both Qiqi and Shenhe’s character designs contain yin and yang symbols. 15:59 – Raiden has no idea who Itto is. 16:28 – Except for Razor, all Electro characters are female. 4:44pm – Rosaria complains that Barbara talks too much while Barbara claims she hasn’t dared to talk to Rosaria yet. 17:19 – The three characters are linked by the book series A Legend of Sword. 17:32 – Sayu and Yoimiya misunderstood each other. 18:19 – Shenhe and Bennett break the fourth wall. 18:55 – Noelle helps people without asking while Sucrose is too shy to communicate. 19:29 – Childe Zhongli and Ayato when their HP is low. 19:44 – Yae teases not only Gorou but also Thoma. 20:21 – Venti saved Xiao once. 20:43 – Hu Tao loves to tease Xiangling. 21:28 – Xiao and Hu Tao know each other. 21:52 – Xingqiu wants to corner Qiqi. 22:12 – Xinyan and Barbara are both singers and share the same English voice actress, Laura Stahl. 22:51 – Yae is tired of Sara asking for egg all the time. 23:24 – Yanfei is unaware of Qiqi’s situation. 23:49 – Itto was jealous of Yoimiya’s popularity with the kids. 24:44 – Kazuha often comes to watch Liyue Opera. 25:05 – The story quests of all three archons in each region are connected with a tree. Music: Thanks for watching. Like and subscribe to support my channel.


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