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5 types of garbage you should keep

Some types of kitchen waste can become organic fertilizer to fertilize garden plants, indoor plants, very safe for health.


According to gardening experts at Grow Veg (USA), crushed eggshells are very good for garden soil. If you don’t want to waste time grinding, you can soak them in water for a few days and then use that water to water your plants. The calcium in eggshells provides beneficial soil reinforcement.

A 2019 report is published in Frontiers in Plant Science (USA) evaluates calcium as an element that helps improve the structural integrity of cell walls, helping plants to prevent pathogens. Calcium also sends signals around the plant’s body to warn of potential viruses. Grow Veg adds that eggshells are added to tomato plant soil to help prevent flower head rot.

Illustration: House Digest

Illustration: House Digest

Coffee grounds

The benefits of coffee grounds in the garden have been mentioned in many scientific literature. Although many people think that coffee is acidic so the coffee grounds used must also be acidic, that is not true. A study by Oregon State University showed that the pH of coffee grounds is neutral.

The study above shows the benefits of coffee grounds when added to the soil: they help improve soil fertility. Coffee grounds bring important nutrients to the soil, especially nitrogen.

However, you should not apply too much coffee grounds to the soil. A report was published in the newspaper The Guardian (Older brother) pointed out, coffee grounds contain caffeine, which is known to inhibit plant growth in certain species.

Banana peel

Banana peels provide a lot of nutrients to the soil, but it is the magnesium content that sets them apart. Magnesium is important for photosynthesis, it activates enzymes that allow chlorophyll to function. Magnesium-deficient plants will only focus on transferring nutrients from the bottom up towards growth at the top.

Like eggshells, banana peels can be soaked or fermented in water, then used as a solution in a spray bottle. In addition, this solution helps to repel bed bugs effectively.

Tea grounds

By organization The Republic of Tea, steeped tea leaves can be beneficial when applied directly to garden soil. You can mix them into the soil. Tea bags also have the same effect, but should be cut out, using only tea grounds.

The benefits of tea grounds come from their nutrient content, including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which make up the trio of elements commonly found in NPK fertilizers. Nitrogen aids tissue production and gives leaves a bright, saturated green color. Phosphorus is great for healthy roots and seeds and increases the efficiency of plants using solar energy. Potassium enhances overall strength, including the plant’s ability to fight disease.

Cooking scraps: Onion peels, leaves, vegetables, tubers

After cooking, you will certainly find the kitchen full of such organic waste. You should make a small plastic container with a tight lid, poke a few holes in the bottom and lid, put newspaper, dry leaves on the bottom of the box (about 1/4 of the height of the bin), then put the scraps mentioned above, add coffee grounds, egg shells… mixed together, then incubate the soil on top. This soil is rich in nutrients, suitable for growing plants and safe, non-toxic to human health.

Thuy Linh (According to Housedigest)

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