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7 Android Settings That Should Be Changed Now-Information Technology

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or have been using Android for a long time, there will be some default settings that need to be changed.

Android comes with a lot of features, but not all of them are pre-enabled. With a ton of features constantly being developed, you may have missed out on those “buried” settings that can enhance the experience.

Whether you’re looking to tweak privacy and security or boost performance, here are some changes to make in the settings menu Android.

Note, some settings may be located in different paths and some menus may be named differently depending on the phone manufacturer. An easy way to find exact settings on an Android device is to use the Search capability available in the Settings app.

Hide notifications from lock screen

You can interact with notifications of different apps directly from the lock screen. While this is convenient, it will also allow anyone to see the contents of the notifications, even if your phone is locked. There is an option to help you hide the notification content on the lock screen.

– First, you need to enable protection of your Android phone with a password, pattern or PIN.

– Open the Settings menu > Notifications (or Notification Center).

– Under Notification Style, select Lock screen.

Select Notifications to show (Show notifications), select the next line Show notifications but hide content (Show notifications but hide content). This option will apply to all apps on the device. If you only want to hide notifications for certain apps, just toggle the ON/OFF bar next to that app.

7 Android settings that should be changed now - 1

Choose to show notifications at the lock screen but hide the content.

Stop watching personalized ads

The information Google knows about you is astounding. Its huge tracking system is the reason why you often see ads appearing always showing the products you just searched for on your PC.

If you are insecure about your privacy, there is an easy way to control it.

– Open the Settings app.

– Go to Google > Ad (Ad).

– Select Delete advertising ID (Delete advertising ID), in the confirmation window, select Delete Advertising ID.

7 Android settings that should be changed now - 3

Remove advertising ID to avoid information tracking.

Note that while you’ll still see ads in Android apps with ads, they’ll still be based on your product searches.

Change screen timeout and lock

By default, the Android phone screen will automatically turn off after a certain period of inactivity to help prolong battery life. But the device only really activates the screen lock after a few seconds from the time the screen turns off. Curious people can access the device if you are not paying attention during this time.

You should reduce the screen timeout. To do so, go to Settings > Display & brightness > Screen timeout. Select the lowest number of seconds you want for the timeout period after the screen turns off.

Once you’ve reduced the screen timeout, continue to force the lock screen to work as soon as it turns off. By going to Settings > Security and selecting the gear icon next to the Screen Lock option.

Find the Lock after screen timeout option and select the value Immediately. Then enable the Power button instant locks option.

7 Android Settings That Should Be Changed Right Now - 4

Lock the device immediately when the screen just turns off.

Change the DNS server for the device

DNS (Domain Name System) is required to connect to different websites on Internet. It is like the directory of the internet. Tweaking DNS can increase your internet speed and overall browsing experience. This is how you can change DNS in Android settings:

– Go to Settings > More connections.

– Next you will see the Private DNS option, open it up.

– Select the line Private DNS provider hostname and enter the DNS address you want. There are 2 popular DNS servers: Google DNS ( and Cloudflare DNS (

7 Android Settings That Should Be Changed Right Now - 5

Enter an alternate DNS address for the Android device.

Enable Night Light or Eye Care

Using smartphones for long periods of time and especially at night can affect your vision and sleep. This is largely caused by the brightness and tone of the display. So the best way to protect your eyes and sleep mode is to enable Night Light option in Android settings.

– Go to Settings > Display & brightness.

– Select the item Night Light, or maybe also named Eye Care.

– You can enable the feature immediately or schedule it to be automatically turned on from dusk to dawn.

7 Android Settings That Should Be Changed Right Now - 6

Turn on Eye Care (Night Light) mode to protect eyes.

This option will coat the screen in an amber color, making it more suitable for viewing, and reducing glare in low-light conditions. This change will probably also help you fall asleep more easily.

Turn off and hide unwanted apps

Android phones from different manufacturers often come pre-installed with a lot of unnecessary applications. These apps can also show annoying notifications from time to time. Turn them off by:

– Go to Settings > Apps.

– Open the See All Apps section to see all installed applications.

– Select an unnecessary application to open its application settings.

– If you just want to turn off its notifications, select Notifications and turn it off.

– If you want to turn it off completely, select Force stop and then select Disable.

You need to be careful when shutting down apps completely because shutting down system apps can damage the phone. Make sure that the apps you disable are something unrelated to system functionality.

Tweak developer options

In addition to the usual settings, the Android developer options have a number of advanced settings that you can tinker with. Developer options may be reserved for developers, but it’s also a treasure trove of settings that even the average user can use.

7 Android Settings That Should Be Changed Right Now - 7

Tweak developer options on Android phones.

For example: you can adjust the speed of the effect to make your phone feel faster, set a mock location for your GPS, or enable USB debugging to send commands from your computer to your Android device .

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