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A rift appeared in the ‘Western front’ over the war in Ukraine

A rift has appeared on the Western front against Moscow, with America’s European allies increasingly divided over whether to continue to provide more powerful weapons and firepower to Russia. Ukraine or not. Some members fear that this step could prolong the conflict, increasing the negative economic consequences of the European Union (EU).

The focus of disagreement is between the two groups – the group of Western European powers and the group led by the US and UK, with the presence of many central and northern European countries, related to the long-term risks from Russia as well as the potential , the power correlation of Ukraine against Russia on the battlefield.

The first group was led by France and Germany. This number has a tendency to not want to provide Ukraine with additional long-range and offensive weapons that help the Kiev army to retake the areas occupied and controlled by Russia and the independence forces in eastern Ukraine. .

The bloc also underestimated the risk that Russia poses a direct threat to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The other group views Russia’s military offensive as the first step in Moscow’s expansionist intentions and so Ukraine emerges as the front line in Russia’s broader war with the West.

According to many European officials, the rift between the two camps has built up over the past few weeks and became more public this week, when EU leaders held an extraordinary meeting from May 30 to 31 in Brussels (Belgium). ), with the central agenda being the war in Ukraine. It appeared in the context of Kiev’s defeat on the Donbass battlefield.

Overall, the EU countries have reached a consensus on a solution to the economic isolation of Russia, at a level many previously thought impossible.

Prominent among these is the partial oil embargo, which will block about two-thirds of Russia’s oil exports to Europe by the end of the year. But within the West there is a sharp divide about the impact of the war and the chances of winning with Ukraine.

The public statements of the leaders of France, Germany and the comments of the officials of these two countries show that they doubt Kiev’s ability to defeat and repel the Russian army. They called for a ceasefire through negotiations, and this was immediately opposed by Ukraine, who said that it pushed Kiev to make territorial concessions.

Leaders of Poland, the Baltic states and elsewhere support the point of needing to provide Ukraine with more sophisticated heavy weapons.

This weapon is an essential factor, not only helping Ukraine to maintain the position and advance, but also bending the advance of the Russian army, causing great losses to Moscow, reaching the level where President Putin does not risk climbing. future military action ladder.

Some Western countries are now losing interest in sustaining a war that they believe Ukraine cannot win, a war of attrition that will drain Europe’s resources, exacerbate the threat of recession. economic recession. On the other hand, Poland and the three Baltic states, which have had historical troubles with Russia, fear they will be the next targets in Russia’s step of involvement.

According to a senior official of the Czech Republic, in every call and phone conversation, the ministers of the Nordic and central European countries expressed their anger increasingly. It is this that is destroying unity within Europe and that is exactly what Russia wants, because it benefits Moscow.

Unlike the leaders of Britain, Poland, the Baltic states, the leaders of France and Germany have not once visited Kiev since the outbreak of the conflict. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz once warned that hostilities in Ukraine could develop into World War III, with the risk of nuclear war.

Up to this point, Germany has not yet delivered tanks to Ukraine, only agreeing to provide 7 heavy artillery pieces.

Europe’s largest economy recently provided military aid to Ukraine at 200 million euros, lower than Estonia, a country of just over 1 million people. For its part, France has just transferred to Ukraine 12 howitzers, no tanks or any anti-aircraft weapons.

Poland alone has delivered 240 T-72 tanks from the Soviet era to Ukraine, along with unmanned aerial vehicles, multiple rocket launchers, dozens of infantry fighting vehicles, and a lot of ammunition. Czech aid to Ukraine armed helicopters, tanks, spare parts for combat aircraft.

French and German officials deny accusations that Paris and Berlin did not act aggressively enough to push Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky into concessions to Russia.

President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Scholz have repeatedly repeated the view that it is Kiev who determines the form of the terms related to the peace agreement.

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