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Abandoned by his wife because of greed

According to Sakshi, bride Rubana Parveen, 18, married her groom Muntaj Ansari, 26, in the village of Chandwa, eastern India. However, just 3 hours after the ceremony, the bride divorced and married another man in Jharkhand state.

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Rubana Parveen married another man on the same day of divorce Muntaj Ansari. Photo: Cover Asia.

Before that, the bride’s father, Mr. Bashir-ud-din Ansari, 58, who owns a local hotel, bought a motorbike for his son-in-law as a wedding gift. However, after the wedding ceremony, the groom demanded to buy another more expensive car with a large dowry. He even threatened not to let the bride go home if he couldn’t get a new car. Despite the family’s advice, the 26-year-old refused to change his mind.

After seeing her husband’s attitude, Rubana told her parents that she did not need such a man and asked to be divorce only a few hours after the wedding. Before his daughter’s decision, Mr. Bashir-ud-din annulled the marriage and arranged for his daughter to marry Mohammed Elias, 25, who lives 25 kilometers away on the same day.

“I don’t regret what happened. I’m happy that my daughter doesn’t have to spend the rest of her life with a greedy man. She is very happy now,” Mr. Bashir-ud said. -din said.

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Muntaj Ansari has his hair shaved, and wears a badge and shoes on his chest. Photo: Cover Asia.

The matter is also brought to the “Qazi” council (which acts as a court, adjudicating lawsuits, Muslim controversies) for trial. Before the witness of many people, the groom had his head shaved on three points, wore a shoelace full of shoes with a sign “I am a dowry” on his chest.

Signs of a guy who takes advantage of money, should stay away from the threshold of marriage

For women, there is nothing worse than realizing that the person they love doesn’t love them, but only tries to take advantage of money or feelings. If a guy has the following symptoms, please boldly look at reality for your own safety.

Let her pay for every date

He let his regular lover pay all the money on each date. He always has an excuse to be “absent” at the checkout stage, this is the first sign that this is an exploiter.

The guy only appears when he needs her

She will also find out that he “disappears” often, neither texting nor calling on weekdays. On the contrary, every time I receive a phone call from a “lover” it is as if there is a need to ask for help or… beg.

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Economic reliance

Not only is it expensive to meet each other, but she also has to take on the responsibility of “subsidizing” many other aspects of his life. From food, clothes and other necessities… the attentive lover has to buy and bring to his closet for him.

Treat your lover as a “tool”

“Baby, my eyes hurt, buy me a bottle of eye drops”

“My dear, his brother comes to play, I will come and pick him up to help him, ready to buy anything for lunch and dinner!”

“I’ll buy you some earphones.”

Texts like this come to her at any time of the day. He’s not afraid to tell you anything.

There are never gifts for lovers

While she often buys gifts and supplies for him, she never gets anything in return, big or small. On weekdays, she is never “favored” and holidays are also… as long as it is.

He only remembers his story

He does not let his lover’s affairs enter his mind, and all her needs or requests are not stored in his memory. Therefore, when he decides to do something, he does not remember whether it conflicts with her interests and aspirations. As long as you can do your job, that’s it.

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