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Almost died from a tooth infection spreading to the lungs

06/07/2022 12:15 GMT+7

The abscess came from an infection in the tooth, causing swelling in the maxillofacial region, the patient mistook it for mumps, so he went to the doctor and treated it but it didn’t go away, the abscess spread to the mediastinum and pleural cavity.

This case is patient VV P, 56 years old, from Binh Thuy district – TP. Can Tho was admitted to the emergency room with difficulty breathing, swelling, and pain in the right corner of the jaw and neck. The doctor examined the suspected cervical abscess and ordered a CT-Scan. The results showed an abscess in the right angle of the jaw spreading to the neck, mediastinum and left pleural space.

Judging this is a case of infection – severe poisoning, respiratory failure due to large amount of left pleural effusion, very severe prognosis, the patient may die if not treated promptly.

Immediately upon admission, the patient was performed emergency surgery by a thoracic surgeon to clean the abscess, drain the mediastinum and pleura.

After surgery, the patient was treated and monitored postoperatively at the Anesthesia and Resuscitation Department, the condition worsened, the doctors consulted and transferred to the Intensive Care Unit – Anti-toxicity (ICU).

With urgency, both surgical, anesthesiology and resuscitation crews promptly coordinated handling.

Almost died from a tooth infection spreading to the lungs
Mr. V. is being cared for by a nurse.

This is not the first time in the past 2 years that Can Tho City General Hospital has received similar cases. However, in this case, the chance of survival is very slim because at the time of transfer to the ICU, the prognosis is very severe, with high-dose vasopressors, mechanical ventilation, and strong antibiotics.

After nearly 2 weeks of resuscitation, the patient returned from the door of death after minutes of seemingly having lost all hope. This is a happiness beyond the expectations of the treatment team.

After more than half a month of treatment, the patient recovered full of vitality, on his neck and chest there were still traces of the old two surgeries and his head was still full of tangles due to the lingering illness. .

Despite going through a difficult period, dealing with many inflammatory complications, the doctor’s diligence and determination helped the patient overcome the illness and return to his family.

The patient’s way back home safely and the process of experiencing fear is like a never-ending story. We want to warn people about the danger of the disease.

According to experts, mediastinal abscess is a serious infection, although there are advances in diagnosis, surgical treatment, antibiotics… but this is a disease that causes a very high mortality rate. .

Patients can have emergency surgical surgery if detected early and diagnosed and treated correctly, the disease will be cured quickly.

However, mortality will increase from 19 to 47% if the infected abscess spreads, ruptures, or causes pleural effusion. This complication is very easy to kill if not treated quickly.

The cause of death was complications from septic shock. The burst of pus spreads in the neck, chest wall down to the mediastinum, pleural cavity, or breaks into the pericardial cavity… causing severe toxic infection, it is difficult to drain and clean all the pus.

This disease can be prevented if the patient comes to the doctor early. In case there are signs of complications of mediastinal abscess, it is necessary to transfer the patient to large medical facilities for surgical management. Only then can the mortality rate be reduced.


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