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ApeCoin community votes to leave the Ethereum blockchain

From June 2, the ApeCoin community started voting on whether to continue to let the APE token continue to work on the Ethereum blockchain.

The reason behind the move to leave blockchain The Ethereum of the ApeCoin team is said to come from the event that Yuga Labs, the company that owns the “blue chip” NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and ApeCoin (APE), experienced serious problems during the wave. open for sale NFT project land metaverse The other side of BAYC, leading to a network crash Ethereum.

The crash caused Yuga Labs to immediately refund users to keep its reputation. After the above event, the APE team decided that APE needed to move to another blockchain “to scale accordingly” and this topic was brought to the vote with the code AIP-41.

Hot vote

Contrary to Yuga Labs’ suggestion, ApeCoin DAO gave the opposite opinion, saying that “ApeCoin should still stay with the Ethereum ecosystem instead of ‘migrating’ elsewhere as an unsecured L1 chain or sidechain. confidential by Ethereum”.

With a decentralized project (DAO), voting is a very popular form and the choice of the majority will mean a lot. Before that, it seemed that the AIP-41 vote had an overwhelming majority (up to 89.96%) in the first two days, as noted by Coin68.

Recorded in the early hours of the morning of 6.6, the percentage of votes to stay / leave Ethereum is in the balance

Screen capture

However, by the morning of June 6, the recorded result was 50/50. Voting is still going on until 9/6 when the results will be closed and it is difficult to predict what the final outcome of the ApeCoin DAO will be.

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