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Arresting the man who brought 3 sacks of drugs to the apartment basement in Hanoi

When the car carrying 3 bags of drugs arrived at the basement of B1 of the D’Capitale Tan Hoang Minh apartment building in Hanoi, the police arrested him.

Today (June 6), the Hanoi People’s Court sentenced defendants Nguyen Nhu Ly (SN 1992), Dinh Van Thanh (SN 1994, both in Cau Giay district), Duong Minh Quang (SN 1984, in Duy Tien, Ha Noi). Nam) the death penalty for illegal possession of narcotics.

Related to the case, defendant Tran Dang Tien (SN 1996, in Duy Tien) received 12 months in prison for the crime of not reporting crimes.

Ly has been wanted by Nghe An Provincial Police since 2016 for the crime of illegally transporting narcotics. In 2018, the defendant fled to Laos to live. Here, Ly became acquainted with an object named Xieu.

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The number of “ice” drugs seized. Photo: Labor

In early 2020, Ly returned to Vietnam to live and know defendants Thanh, Quang and Tien. In December 2021, Xieu called and hired Ly to hide and transport “ice” drugs with a salary of 30 million VND.

In early March 2021, Xieu let someone bring 2 backpacks containing 27 kg of “ice” and 30 million VND to Ly’s residence in an apartment building in Hanoi. The defendant hid 2 backpacks of drugs in his bedroom, waiting for the recipient to contact him to deliver the drugs.

On March 25, 2021, Ly received a call from Xieu telling the defendant to transport 32 kg of “ice” drugs from Cau Treo border gate (Ha Tinh) to Hanoi, with a salary of 120 million VND.

After accepting the offer, Ly called defendants Quang and Thanh, hired these two to go to Ha Tinh to receive drugs, bring them back to Hanoi for Ly, and promise to pay 50 million dong.

On the evening of March 25, 2021, Thanh met Ly to receive a Mazda car and 20 million for travel expenses. After that, Thanh drove to Ha Nam to pick up Quang and then went to Ha Tinh to receive drugs.

Near the border gate, Thanh got off the bus, Quang alone continued to Cau Treo border gate area, Ha Tinh province received 3 sacks of drugs and then drove back to Hanoi. Meanwhile, Thanh hired a taxi to go in front of Quang’s car to warn the traffic stops on the road.

At around 2pm on March 26, 2021, Quang’s drug car and Thanh’s taxi arrived at the basement of B1 apartment building D’Capitale Tan Hoang Minh on Tran Duy Hung Street, and were arrested by the police along with 31,608,100 grams of Methamphetamine.

Authorities determined, Ly illegally transported more than 58 kg of Methamphetamine and illegally stored 0.502 grams of Methamphetamine; Thanh illegally transported more than 31.6kg of Methamphetamine and illegally stored more than 0.502g of Methamphetamine; Quang illegally transported more than 31.6 kg of Methamphetamine.

Particularly, Tien was determined to have not denounced the crime.


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