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Asian U.23 Championship, Iraq U.23 vs Kuwait U.23 today (7.6): Seize the opportunity

At 8 p.m. today (7.6), Iraq U.23 faced U.23 Kuwait in the last match of Group B of the Asian U23 Championship final round in Uzbekistan with the goal of winning to compete for tickets to the quarterfinals. This match will be live on VTV5, FPT Play and Thanh Nien Online at:

The situation of Iraq U.23 in Group B is quite similar U.23 Vietnam In Group C. Accordingly, Iraq U.23 currently has 2 points after 2 draws with a 1-1 score against U.23 Jordan and U.23 Australia. Therefore, they have to win against Kuwait U.23 in the last match today and wait for the results in the match at the same time between the two teams with the same 4 points. U.23 Australia with Jordan U.23.

Iraq U.23 (left) determined to beat Kuwait U.23 to compete for tickets to the quarterfinals


If Iraq U.23 wins against Kuwait and the remaining match has a win or loss result, Iraq U.23 will win tickets to the quarterfinals. If Iraq U.23 wins but the remaining match results in a draw, then 3 teams including Iraq, Australia, Jordan have the same 5 points and will consider the extra difference to select 2 teams to enter the quarterfinals.

Coach Miroslav Soukup of U.23 Iraq still regretted missing the opportunity to win U.23 Australia in the first leg before having the advantage of playing over the man for more than 70 minutes because the opponent received a red card. “We missed the chance to win, so now we have to focus on the final match,” said coach Miroslav Soukup, warning the players not to underestimate Kuwait U.23 even though they no longer have the chance to compete. ticket to go.

Asian U.23 Championship, Iraq U.23 vs Kuwait U.23 today (7.6): Seize the opportunity - photo 2

U.23 Kuwait kicks for honor against U.23 Iraq


In the previous match, U.23 Kuwait showed solid defensive ability against U.23 Jordan and were only defeated by a single goal from the corner. “It’s disappointing to lose to Jordan U.23 but I promise you that U.23 Kuwait will play hard against Iraq U.23 in the final match,” said coach Abdulaziz Hamada of Kuwait U.23.

If playing with true strength, U.23 Iraq will achieve the goal of victory. The match promises to be open, with many goals when Iraq U.23 will play offensively from the beginning and U.23 Kuwait also has nothing to lose.

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