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Bao Thanh doesn’t act in movies and still has a ‘terrible’ income

Emerging thanks to the national movie “Living with the mother-in-law” and once again impressed with the role of Thu “Xiao Lao” in “Go home, son”, Bao Thanh Not only has become an A-list name of Vietnamese TV series but also an expensive advertising face for many big and small brands.

Bao Thanh does not act in movies and still has a great income - Photo 1.

Bao Thanh and his wife.

While “lost sister” Van Khanh (Lan Phuong) is struggling to live a post-divorce life in “Love the sunny day”, the person who looks like Lan Phuong “like two drops of water” enjoys raising children. leisurely. Putting photos of Bao Thanh and Lan Phuong next to each other, many viewers are “lucky” because it is difficult to distinguish, because both are so similar that they are not real.

When Bao Thanh emerged, many times she was mistaken for Lan Phuong by the audience. The actress once shared, once she was chased by a person asking for an autograph and taking a photo with her. Then, this person turned around and asked: “I watch your movies all the time, are you an actress… Lan Phuong?”.

Bao Thanh does not act in movies and still has a great income - Photo 2.

Bao Thanh and Lan Phuong look too similar.

The reason why Bao Thanh is often “compared” with Lan Phuong at this time is because in “Living with mother-in-law” she also plays the role of Van – daughter-in-law of People’s Artist Lan Huong.

Because of the exaggeration of her mother-in-law, Van and her husband also had to go to court for a divorce. The same scenario is repeating with Lan Phuong’s Khanh, causing the audience to put all their inhibitions into the “most evil” mother-in-law roles in the Gulf of Tonkin by actress Lan Huong Bong.

Bao Thanh does not act in movies and still has a great income - Photo 3.

Contrary to the movie, in real life like Lan Phuong, Bao Thanh also has a peaceful marriage with a husband who understands and respects her profession. “Going back from performing, there are fatigues that cannot be shared with anyone.

But seeing her husband, seeing her husband was crying, crying like rain. He said, if the pressure is like that, then take a break, go home and raise it. My husband is very indulgent, let me do whatever I want, he has never forced me to do this or that”, the actress shared.

To support his wife, Bao Thanh’s husband is not afraid to retreat to the rear so that she can focus on her career. For many years now, the two have focused on real estate business. So far, as revealed by friends, the number of properties they own can be listed as “giants” of showbiz.

Bao Thanh does not act in movies and still has a great income - Photo 4.

Bao Thanh’s small family.

Since 2017, when the movie “Living with mother-in-law” was causing a storm in the film-loving community, Bao Thanh was given the first luxury apartment by her husband on Le Van Luong Street (Hanoi). This new property is 86m2 wide, which is the result of 9 years of accumulation of her and her husband.

At that time, the actress had to borrow more from the bank. But anyway, it was also a big turning point for the whole family because before that, Bao Thanh and his wife still lived in Bac Giang with her husband’s parents.

By 2019, the success of “Go home, baby” helped the actress become an advertising star. Industry insiders revealed that the price paid for attending her event at that time ranged from 30 to 40 million VND. Bao Thanh’s personal page with nearly 1 million followers has also become a goose that lays golden eggs, helping her to earn a positive income through product advertising.

By mid-2019, Bao Thanh and his wife bought a villa in Da Nang and named it Thanh Villa Funhouse. The actress does not hide this property, she often brings her family and parents here to relax.

And yet, just 1 year after buying a villa in Da Nang, she gave her mother a new house and shared a picture of happy parents holding a red book in their hands: “Going home from work in the middle of the night gave her a small gift that she gave her mother. give him the brightest smile on earth. So cute.”

After that, she continued to buy a spacious apartment to welcome the birth of her second daughter. The real estate list of Bao Thanh and his wife does not seem to stop there. This is not uncommon because in the Northern film world, many actors are also “underground rich” through land trading, such as Van Dung, Minh Chau…

Bao Thanh does not act in movies and still has a great income - Photo 5.

Bao Thanh once bought a house for his daughter.

Recently, at the end of April, Bao Thanh returned to the limelight after 2 years of absence when participating in the play “List of agents”. This is also a stepping stone for the upcoming comeback of the actress born in 1990 on the small screen.

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