Bring irresistible charm!

Reporter Mark Eveleigh of CNN (USA) exclaimed after his visit to Vietnam that “The means of transportation in Vietnam are so rich.”

“I experienced Hanoi’s Old Quarter in a convertible jeep. My guide spent the whole morning showing me about his enchanting city in an open-top car. I was immersed in the beat. the dam of this whole city.”

Mark Eveleigh shared in his article, during his experience of transport in Vietnam, he traveled more than 1,000 miles from the capital of the North to the colorful metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City on the road. “legendary” Unification ship. His first stop was in Hoi An.

“It was one of the most unforgettable train journeys, probably world class. I spent a night rocking in my bunk bed and when the sun came up I was extremely pleased to see the sparkling ocean waves, promises an exciting adventure in the Central region.”

And when he arrived in Hoi An, Mark Eveleigh immediately experienced the means of moving a basket boat.

“That’s not a boat, it’s just a basket!”

CNN reporter shared, the attraction of this medium is irresistible.

“I know that Vietnamese fishermen have been surfing with these simple boats for a long time. The boat doesn’t even have a bow and stern, it can be said that the basket boat is the simplest boat in the world. Turning water with this boat, I realized that the operator needs to be quite skilled,” Mark Eveleigh said.

Vietnam has countless types of boats and the simple basket boat in Hoi An has completely “cut the heart” of foreign visitors: “When the sun goes down, it’s interesting when my boat slowly floats on the Thu Bon River.”

“Hoi An people believe that their boat avoids collision mainly thanks to the eyes painted on the hull. But perhaps, the most important thing is the skillful and sure skill of the riders. boat, many of whom have grown old,” CNN reporters have not stopped admiring the extremely professional basket boaters in Hoi An.

CDahlkamp, ​​a writer on Columbus Travel site before coming to Hoi An, studied the history of this boat very carefully.

“I was told that the basket boat or the bottle basket probably originated during the French colonial period in Vietnam. Vietnamese fishermen at that time invented the basket boat to avoid the boat tax. The boat quickly became a feature. typical landscape of central Vietnam.”

National Geographic commented, the basket boats roaming the sea from the southern sea to Da Nang is the symbol of Vietnam.

Foreign newspapers praise Vietnamese basket boat specialties: Bringing irresistible attraction!  - Photo 1.

Photo: Mark Eveleigh, CNN

Amazing boldness

Leaving Hoi An, the CNN reporter continued his journey to explore the means of transport. He was delighted when he discovered a vehicle that is strange to many tourists but very familiar to the Vietnamese people: “Xoom”.

“I think the word ‘hug’ in ‘taxi’ refers to the inevitable act of a passenger sitting behind the driver as he navigates through heavy traffic with audacity like that of a pilot.”

Mark Eveleigh ended his trip to experience the means of transport in Vietnam by commenting: “This is probably one of the most diverse countries in terms of vehicles for me.”

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