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British Prime Minister “escaped” narrowly

Results of the vote of no confidence with Prime minister Boris Johnson was announced by MP Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee of the Conservative Party, on the evening of June 6 (local time).

According to the radio BBCwith 211 votes in favor (59%) and 148 votes against (41%), Boris Johnson received a minimal majority in favor (180 votes) in the UK House of Commons to pass the vote of no confidence.

Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, thought to be a potential candidate in the race to lead the Conservative Party, was among those who confirmed the vote against Boris Johnson.

Radio CNN Earlier it was reported that Boris Johnson would lose his job as prime minister and that the Conservatives would have to choose a new leader to replace him if at least 180 MPs in the party voted against him.

The vote was triggered by Conservative MPs after at least 15% of them sent a letter of no confidence in Mr Johnson’s leadership. The Conservative Party holds 359 seats in the UK parliament.

The British Prime Minister narrowly escaped - Photo 1.

Boris Johnson continues to be the British Prime Minister after receiving 211 votes in favor and 148 votes against in a vote of no confidence in parliament. Photo: EPA-EFE

Passing a vote of no confidence in the House of Commons means Boris Johnson’s position as Conservative leader will not be challenged for a year.

In an upbeat tone, Boris Johnson described winning the confidence vote as a “convincing result, a decisive outcome”, “focusing on what is being done to help people at cost”. activities, to remove the aftereffects of the Covid-19 epidemic”.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said he was not interested in pushing for an election before the deadline.

Critics of Boris Johnson say the votes against him show his power has been weakened. MP Julian Sturdy, one of those who disagreed, said the results were “proof that he no longer has full credibility and should review his position”.

It is also a reminder for the British leader when his vote of no confidence reached 41%.

The result of the vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson was lower than that of her predecessor Theresa May’s 63 percent in a confidence vote in December 2018, seven months before she had to resign.

Boris Johnson, 57, has been Prime Minister of the UK since 2019, recently repeatedly faced accusations of partying amid the UK’s lockdown due to Covid-19 last year. A series of photos of him and his staff violating anti-epidemic rules were continuously published by the British media.

In addition, many Conservative MPs expressed concern about the effectiveness of British leadership when the country faced many problems such as the risk of recession, rising fuel and food prices, disagreements over the tax increases, on the government’s response to policymaking.

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