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Broadway commercial townhouse is ‘popular’ right at the opening event

“Pot of gold”

After 18 Ginza commercial townhouses (also in Vinhomes Grand Park, Thu Duc City) were just launched and sold out in March, the Broadway shophouse sale event was eagerly awaited by investors. all the time. The thirst for investment products peaked because the demand for townhouses here far exceeded the actual supply. The Organizing Committee said it was imperative to open the sale with a limited number of guests, focus on real buyers and register early to ensure fairness.

broadway 1 605
The opening event of the Broadway commercial street at Vinpearl Landmark 81 must be limited to attendees. Photo: Vinhomes

“Most of the customers registering for this event are experienced investors. They used to be very successful with commercial townhouse products in many different projects. Therefore, they must definitely see a profitable opportunity within their reach to decide to buy a house on Broadway”, commented Mr. Pham Dinh Thang, business director of a real estate trading floor in District 1.

Immediately after the investor introduced the product, many consulting activities took place excitingly. Immediately after that, many customers “closed orders”, transactions were also conducted quickly at the event. Some investors revealed that thanks to pre-registration registration, they did not miss the hottest Broadway investment product in the market.

broadway 2 606
The opening sale of the Broadway shophouse “finished” earlier than expected because most of the attendees were real buyers who had learned about the project in advance. Photo: Vinhomes

As one of the lucky customers to “close” a successful transaction, Mr. Vu Dinh Thang said that he is making a big investment in the model of commercial townhouses in mega-urban projects in Ho Chi Minh City. According to him, in the current context, multi-purpose commercial townhouses in megacities like Vinhomes Grand Park are no different from “chicken laying golden eggs”, an investment solution that is both safe and profitable.

“Broadway commercial townhouse project has outstanding potential, limited product, so good liquidity in the short term is undisputed. On the other hand, the retail space in this area has the most potential in Ho Chi Minh City and also ensures steady profitability for investors, “said Mr. Thang.

Broadway’s “Python of Advantage”

Most investors attending the event assessed that owning a Broadway townhouse is like owning “net gold” in their hands, with at least 5 advantages that are difficult for any product to have.

First of all, the project is a rare product on the market today, located next to the canal with a unique landscape, not only means feng shui, prosperous trade all year round, but also brings cool air. The space and dreamy view is a bustling destination for check-in, entertainment, and shopping.

broadway 3 607
Broadway commercial townhouse – Vinhomes Grand Park is considered a “super product” of limited investment for connoisseurs. Project perspective photo

Secondly, Broadway commercial townhouse owns a location with special business space, next to the great utilities of Vinhomes Grand Park such as Vinschool, Vinmec, 45-storey office building, located near 36ha Park has the leading scale in Southeast Asia and connects to subdivisions with hundreds of thousands of residents. The diamond location makes Broadway commercial street attract millions of visitors, both internally and externally, and is like a “money printing machine” for investors.

In addition, the Broadway commercial townhouse chain is located on the arterial intersection of the whole project, Nguyen Xien – Long Phuoc. From Broadway, it is easy to connect to all the busy and rich subdivisions such as The Rainbow, The Manhattan, The Manhattan Glory, the super-luxury mansion or connect to the Avenue of Lights axis, to the Marina area. Manhattan Glory… This 1-0-2 advantage helps Broadway become the focal point of convergence of elite residents and elites in the area.

Not stopping there, the parking space located right next to it also becomes a “privilege”, making it convenient to do business and receive customers of the whole Broadway commercial district.

In addition, with a 6-storey design and impressive architecture, Broadway commercial townhouse offers investors many business opportunities thanks to its flexible transformation ability to meet diverse business needs, from working Offices for rent, high-class restaurants, rooftop cafes to fashion and accessories stores…

According to experts, with the “five advantages” of Broadway, investors can rest assured to sleep with high pillows. That is also the reason why this limited “collection” created waves in the market all the time.

Customers buying Broadway commercial townhouses will enjoy the most attractive and optimal financial policy in the market today. Specifically:

– 80% interest rate support up to 18 months (interest support after handover for nearly 15 months)

– 100% interest rate support up to 15 months (12 months after handover interest support)

Pre-payment discount: 8%

– Original grace period is expected up to 18 months

– Give away 01 VinFast voucher worth VND 200,000,000, applicable for VinFast Lux SA2.0 car

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