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Differences under Coach Gong Oh Kyun

U23 Vietnam under Mr. Gong Oh Kyun is very different from the time when Mr. Park led, but most recently, the 31st SEA Games created excitement for fans.

1. U23 Vietnam is making fans happy after an excellent draw against the defending champion U23 Korea with a new look compared to the previous era. Coach Park Hang Seo also lead.

That is not to say that the captain of the Vietnamese team is less talented than his compatriot when the philosophy, personality of each coach, or goal are different, so the difference is natural.

The most obvious example, the moment Mr. Park held the U23 Vietnam At SEA Games 31, for example, it is clear that the pressure of achievement is heavier, so it is imperative to be cautious instead of trying to refresh like compatriot Gong Oh Kyun is doing.

But no matter what, compared to U23 Vietnam at the 31st SEA Games and U23 Vietnam attending the U23 Asian Finals, the team that Mr. Gong Oh Kyun The leader is eye-catching and easier to convince viewers, although the force is not equal to the time when compatriot Park Hang Seo held the team to force praise.

u23 viet nam u23 han quoc 1057
U23 Vietnam is now much more eye-catching than when it won the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games

2. Coach Park Hang Seo is no less talented, if not looking at the legacy of the feat left by the Korean teacher, it’s hard for those who come after to want to overcome.

Equally talented, the force is superior when there are 3 players over age as reinforcements, but why did U23 Vietnam at SEA Games 31 play not as eye-catching and elegant as at the ongoing Asian U23 Finals?

The answer is very simple, everything lies with Mr. Park Hang Seo when he was so stressed and pressured that he once admitted that he pushed U23 Vietnam into a spiral of fear of being wrong, fear of making mistakes and fear of losing, making the students no longer a self.

And now, U23 Vietnam, with more than half of the squad that won the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games, is playing really well in the first matches, but stronger opponents in the U23 Asian finals are enough to see the difference.

van tung 1 1058
The players are being back to themselves

It is worth mentioning that “in the beginning” Mr. Park also knew how to remove the psychology of his students with his cheerfulness and sincerity, just like Gong Oh Kyun’s junior like now, making the home team successfully defend the SEA Games gold medal. 31, but it is not as easy to consider as the current U23 Vietnam.

3. The Vietnamese U23 players in the AFC U23 Championship are showing a different face because of a comfortable mentality, being or having to be themselves as required from coach Gong Oh Kyun. However, there are bigger changes that force the recognition that Mr. Park’s successor is also a… difference.

The difference in football philosophy between caution, certainty and attack is something everyone can see. But Mr. Gong is surprising and amusing many people with new things, especially in the U23 draw with Korea.

gong uh kyun 1059
thanks to the driving ability from coach Gong Oh Kyun

In this match, U23 Korea held up to 70% of the time to control the ball and press the field continuously, but instead of deep back to the home field, Mr. Gong still let Nham Manh Dung and Van Khang stand in the other half of the field. waiting for an opportunity to counterattack.

Then, when it comes to fixed situations like corner kicks, including goalkeeper Quan Van Chuan, U23 Vietnam has only 8 people in the 16m50 area instead of pulling most of the team back as before.

It is with such a reasonable arrangement of people that U23 Korea did not dare to use all their strength to attack and pressurize, but had to take precautions… situations where U23 Vietnam changed state.

Tien Long’s finish at a narrow angle to the edge of the net in the 31st minute was an example of Mr. Gong’s deliberate intention instead of gathering defensively and waiting for luck, even though the opponent was very strong.

The players can reduce pressure, play much better with a teacher who “plays” like that is different, not far…

Video U23 Vietnam 1-1 U23 Korea (Source FPT Play)

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