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Dog bites and exposes 8-year-old boy’s skull

Hung Vuong General Hospital (Phu Tho) has coordinated to receive emergency treatment for an 8-year-old boy in Tuyen Quang who was bitten by a dog with wounds all over his body.

The patient was taken to the emergency room at this hospital’s clinic in Son Duong (Tuyen Quang) in a state of fear and panic. The baby has a wound on the right top about 8cm, a wound on the left top about 6cm deep exposing the skull, a wound on the forehead about 2cm, the wound on the right hand size from 1-2cm.

The pediatric patient was given emergency treatment for shock, pain relief, hemostasis and psychological reassurance. After that, this 8-year-old boy was immediately transferred to Hung Vuong General Hospital for emergency surgery on the wound.

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Injury caused by a dog bite an 8-year-old boy.

The child’s family said that when the child was playing, he was suddenly attacked by a dog, biting the head and right hand, causing the scalp to bleed and many more wounds in the right forearm. Currently, the child’s condition has stabilized and is being treated and cared for at the hospital.

Recently, medical facilities have received many cases of children being attacked by dogs, notably one child died after 1 month of being bitten by a dog.

According to the recommendations of doctors, in the house with dogs and cats, they need to be kept in captivity and muzzle, not loose. Families should not let children come into close contact with dangerous animals to avoid unfortunate situations.

Besides, parents need to vaccinate their children within 24 hours after being bitten by a dog. In cases of dog bites, the wound should be thoroughly washed within 15 minutes with soap and water. Then disinfect with alcohol 45°-70° or alcohol iodide to reduce the amount of rabies virus at the bite site.

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Three children were bitten by dogs, a 4-year-old boy diedWhile playing in the yard, 3 children were bitten by dogs, unfortunately a few hours later, 1 child died.

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