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Epidemic Pop Live Stream 🔴🎉 24/7 Pop Live Radio 🎶 🎵 Listen to our pop music playlist: ❤️ Subscribe to be part of our community: https ://www Tracklist: Flux Vortex – Girl Like You SOOP – Just Wanna Come Alive Mindme ft. Le June – We Don’t Listen Mindme ft. Le June – I’m Bulletproof Alex Kehm – Sorry Jaslyn Edgar – Shine Rendez-Voodoo ft. Andy Delos Santos – Come Move Your Body Velveteen ft. Astyn Turr – Wasn’t Even Close Ooyy ft. GEMINII – Wasted Time Julia Carbajal – I’ll Be Ok (If You Stay) Lvly – Brand New (Helium) Siine ft. Mia Pfirrman – Release Tyra Chantey – Stay in the Moment Aiyo ft. Josh Sipfle – Sun Goes Down CLNGR ft. Novou – For Motivation Loving Caliber – My Time Loving Caliber – Passive Aggressive Loving Caliber – Fun Gamma Skies ft. Alice Genberg – Someone To Might Depend On – Damn If We Do Lvly – Toxic Love Tape Machines ft. Tommy Ljungberg – Got Me Stone Cold Basixx ft. Frigga – Hands On Your Body Loving Caliber ft. PRIM – Fighter Lvly ft. Emmi – Mom’s Old Hatchback (In Too Deep) Mindme ft. Le June – Would You Stay Tape Machines ft. Mia Pfirrman – Arms of Gold Lvly ft. Emmi – Lifeline Siine ft. Danny Shea – Better Came Along Lvly – Red Lights Wildson ft. LaKesha Nugent – I Am Better Off Tape Machines ft. Vicki Vox – Sweat On Me Siine ft. Frank Moody – C’est La Vie Lvly ft. Mia Pfirrman – Dance Loving Caliber – Faster Car Flux Vortex – Seventeen Snake City – My Exes Mindme – Anxiety Vicki Vox – Feel the Love Ten Towers feat. Senchi – April Sky (Senchi Remix) We upload the best pop songs used in the creator community. Subscribe and click the notification bell to be notified when we release new pop songs! Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects (30-day free trial): Other Epidemic Sound channels: https://www. We believe in a world where music can flow freely and fairly across time zones, borders, audiences and channels. Thank you for being a part of our community! ♫ • Instagram: • Twitter: • Facebook: #epidemicpop #epidemicsound #epidemiclive


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