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Famous male rapper was shot dead at the age of 35

Media reported that rapper Trouble (35 years old) was killed in a shooting in the suburbs of Atlanta, USA on June 5.

Record label Def Jam has confirmed and announced the sad news to the media: “Our thoughts and prayers come from loved ones and fans of Trouble. He is the true voice of the city and an inspiration to the community he is proud to represent. . Please rest”.

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The incident happened at 3:20 a.m. on June 5 (local time). At that time, Trouble visited a woman (the relationship between the two is unknown) in the Lake St. James and was attacked by a man named Jamichael Jones (33) with a gun. The shooting left Trouble dead with a gunshot wound to the chest before being taken to the hospital.

Rapper Trouble is not familiar with the perpetrator who attacked him. The woman in the home was reported uninjured. Police said they are continuing to investigate to clarify the cause of the incident. In the immediate future, the perpetrator is accused of murder and illegal trespassing.

News of Trouble’s death immediately spread on social networks, many Twitter accounts and fans were shocked to send condolences to the ill-fated rapper.

Music producer Mike Will Made-It is Trouble’s best friend. Talking about his collaboration with the rapper, he shared: “I am happy to meet you and give you the real opportunity that I want. Trouble, you are still one of my favorite talents in the city.”

Trouble’s real name is Mariel Semonté Orr, born November 4, 1987 in Atlanta, USA. He started rapping at the age of 14 and released a self-recorded album in 2011. Trouble’s music shows the grim side of life in his hometown.

In 2017, Trouble signed to Mike Will’s record label Made-It, Ear Drummer Records, and Interscope Records. Male rapper who has collaborated with Drake and The Weeknd.

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