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For the solar industry, President Biden compromises with China

In the face of the paralysis of the solar industry in the US, President Biden has accepted to ignore allegations of potential trade violations by Chinese manufacturers over the next two years.

According to NBC, on June 6, President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency to suspend new tariffs and ignore allegations of potential trade violations with solar batteries made in China. within the next 2 years. This is the first time his administration has interfered deeply in the US Commerce Department’s workflow, something Biden has always avoided.

The suspension of new tariffs on foreign-made solar cells is an important step in accelerating the renewable energy transition, a senior Biden administration official said. At the same time, 2 years is enough to improve the nascent solar power generation industry in the US.

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President Biden exempts tariffs on solar cells made in China. Photo: Reuters

Mr. Biden’s move really surprised domestic solar battery manufacturers, because they were already unable to compete with cheap imported products like China’s. According to the US Energy Agency, more than 80% of solar panels in the US come from Asian countries.

In addition, President Biden’s emergency law also ignores potential trade violations from Chinese manufacturers, which puts the US Department of Commerce in a dilemma. Previously, the Ministry of Trade had to deal with complaints from domestic enterprises. American businesses accuse Chinese solar battery companies of moving factories to other countries to avoid tariffs, then selling them cheaply to the US.

In addition to solar battery manufacturers, President Biden’s action also faced opposition from environmental groups. Biden’s goal of producing 100% renewable energy by 2035 is a positive, according to the group, but the rampant importation and installation of solar farms will have negative effects. climate and environment.

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