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Going to the beach with my close friends, I almost fainted when I saw the shocking scene of my husband-Young friend

Tuesday, June 7, 2022 00:10 AM (GMT+7)

My fun outing suddenly turned into a disaster because of my husband.

Going to the beach with my close friends, I almost fainted when I saw the shocking scene of my husband - 1

From that day until now, I have been very depressed (Artwork)

I have been married for 8 years, have a fulfilled life full of material things, a high-income job, my greatest achievement is that my two children are growing up, inheriting the beauties of both parents. My husband is 2 years older than me, he is always the person that I feel the most at peace and trust when I’m with him.

Before getting married, my husband and I had a three-year relationship. This time is enough to get to know each other well and when we have chosen the most satisfactory piece of life, we have come to marriage in the joy of two families. I am a person with beauty, and my husband is handsome, elegant and very manly.

I never thought that one day, my husband would have someone outside, because he always loved and expressed his feelings in the most sincere way, making me very touched. Sometimes I wonder why I have such an almost perfect husband? But then, I knew the truth about my husband couldn’t be more painful.

2 days ago, on the occasion of an exciting lunch with my close friends, the whole group of 4 people studying with me was excited to go out for a trip. Ready for my husband to report late at night because he had to receive diplomatic guests, the children were visited by grandparents, I was also free, so I agreed to go. The place I live is only about an hour by car from the sea, so everyone is happy with this outing. We plan to go watch the sunset, have dinner on the beach, and talk.

It’s true that the best friends have different ideas, are as happy as when they were in school, they kept talking about everything from the past, to the present life… At the beach, my friends and I took advantage of taking pictures.” virtual life”. While holding up my phone to take a photo of my friend, I looked in the distance at someone who looked very familiar. Shouldn’t it be my husband? I thought to myself and then dispelled that thought that my husband was going to receive guests, where he was free to go to the beach.

But the more I look at it, the more I look like my husband. I immediately told you to come closer to your husband to take pictures, convenient to observe closely. I was stunned when I realized that the man in front of me was my husband. He is cuddling and loving a beautiful young girl who I guess is my husband’s girlfriend. The more I watched, the more I collapsed, stunned to the point of fainting when I witnessed my husband embracing and pampering you like a young couple, not caring about everything around.

Ready to take pictures for you, I took and filmed the “hot scene” of my husband with his mistress, as proof for him to stop denying. Having the evidence in hand, I was about to rush to slap my husband and the other girlfriend a painful slap. But then I told myself to be very calm, if I fight jealousy in the middle of a crowd, it will make a big deal of trouble with my friends, then the one who suffers will be me, everywhere people talk about how beautiful it is. still cheated by her husband.

Under the pretext of having a cold, I asked my friends to go home, in everyone’s regret. Since that day, I have been very depressed. I want a divorce, but I am afraid that my children will suffer, and it is difficult for both families to accept our separation. I wish I hadn’t gone to the beach that day so I wouldn’t have seen the pain. But now it is well known about her husband’s betrayal. What should I do now, decide to keep my husband or let go of this fake marriage?


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